Day: December 9, 2023

Anti-Cancer Pill Shows Promising Results in Human Experiment

Researchers at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center in Australia have found that a drug called divarasib, when combined with another treatment called cetuximab, shows promising results in treating a specific form of bowel cancer caused by a mutation in the KRAS gene. The combination resulted in a positive outcome for 62 percent of patients, with […]

Oops! Elon Musk’s Grok AI Caught Plagiarizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Elon Musk’s AI venture Grok AI is facing a bumpy start, with issues such as the bot trashing Musk and expressing support for progressive causes. Furthermore, users have pointed out that Grok seems to be using content from its competitor ChatGPT, made by Musk’s former colleagues and current rivals at OpenAI. An xAI engineer named […]

Controversial AI image platform Civitai dropped by its cloud computing provider after reports of possible CSAM

OctoML has ended its business relationship with Civitai following an investigation by 404 Media, which revealed that Civitai’s text-to-image platform was being used to generate images that potentially constitute child pornography. The investigation showed that Civitai users were creating sexually explicit and nonconsensual images of real people, including pornographic depictions of children.   Civitai and […]

EU agrees ‘historic’ deal with world’s first laws to regulate AI

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed on the world’s first comprehensive laws to regulate artificial intelligence, which also cover social media and search engines. The laws aim to protect the public from potential threats posed by AI and are seen as “historic” by European Commissioner Thierry Breton. They put the EU ahead […]

Meta announces Purple Llama: Towards open trust and safety in the new world of generative AI

The article introduces Purple Llama, an initiative to promote responsible deployment of generative AI models. As part of this, the company is releasing CyberSec Eval, a set of cybersecurity safety evaluation benchmarks, and Llama Guard, a safety classifier for input/output filtering. The project aims to level the playing field for developers and make these tools […]

Seattle biotech hub pursues ‘DNA typewriter’ tech with $75M from tech billionaires

A new Seattle biotech organization, the Seattle Hub for Synthetic Biology, has received $75 million in funding from the University of Washington, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, and the Allen Institute. The initiative aims to research “DNA typewriters,” self-monitoring cells that could revolutionize biology. By leveraging DNA as a storage medium for information, the organization seeks to […]

EU ‘final’ talks to fix AI rules to run into second day — but deal on foundational models is on the table

European Union lawmakers have reached a preliminary agreement on how to regulate artificial intelligence, specifically concerning rules for foundational models/general purpose AIs (GPAIs). The agreement retains elements of the tiered approach to regulating these advanced AIs proposed earlier this year, with some exceptions for open source advanced AIs.   These developments in AI regulation in […]

McDonald’s will use Google AI to make sure your fries are fresh, or something?

McDonald’s is teaming up with Google to roll out generative AI in thousands of its stores beginning in 2024. This partnership involves hardware and software upgrades to optimize operations, including the promise of delivering hotter and fresher food to customers. The AI-driven system, which will run on-location and through Google Cloud services, aims to streamline […]

High Court rules that Getty v Stability AI case can proceed

In a recent copyright infringement case, Getty Images has sued Stability AI, a UK generative AI startup, for using scraped images from Getty’s website without consent to train and develop Stable Diffusion, a synthetic image generating AI. The case is still in preliminary stages, with the focus on the location of the AI’s training and […]

Gene editing is now a medical reality – Sickle Cell CRISPR treatment approved by FDA

In the U.S., sickle cell disease disproportionately affects Black patients, who have historically faced discrimination and barriers to healthcare. CRISPR, a groundbreaking gene editing technology, holds promise for treating the disease, but ethical concerns and regulatory frameworks need to be addressed. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help mitigate risks associated with gene editing, as it […]



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