Day: February 7, 2024

Hugging Face confirms free open source AI Assistant service alternative to OpenAI

Hugging Face has unveiled its latest freebie: Hugging Chat Assistants – designed to add a personal touch to your technological chitchats. This offering from the NYC-based startup is providing users the power to sculpt their own chatbots. Unlike GPT Builder and GPT Store, Hugging Chat Assistant is proudly sporting an ‘open-source’ badge. Philipp Schmid revealed […]

Cisco launches Motific, a SaaS offering to accelerate generative AI deployments

Cisco has introduced Motific, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering designed to revolutionize generative AI deployment for enterprises. Born from the innovation hub Outshift, Motific provides a comprehensive view of the entire gen AI lifecycle, empowering IT and security teams to seamlessly implement trusted gen AI capabilities within their organizations, covering aspects like data management, security, responsible […]

AI can now master your music—and it does shockingly well

The era of AI-powered mastering has arrived, revolutionizing the music production landscape. Seasoned musicians now attest to the striking capabilities of AI tools like LANDR and Apple’s Mastering Assistant, acknowledging that these systems can rival or even outperform human mastering engineers. With features like quick results, endless tweaking options, and cost-effectiveness, these AI tools are […]

Colossyan uses GenAI to create corporate training videos

In a world where corporate training videos often go unwatched or unheeded comes Colossyan, a GenAI-powered solution aiming to revolutionize workplace learning. Colossyan’s AI platform offers a dynamic approach, allowing users to create captivating videos featuring virtual avatars against customizable backgrounds.   Founded by Dominik Mate Kovacs, Colossyan stands out in a sea of competition […]

Ambience Healthcare raises $70M for its AI assistant led by OpenAI and Kleiner Perkins

Ambience Healthcare is the developing a healthcare operating system designed to streamline clinicians’ arduous administrative tasks. Securing $70 million in funding, the company, initially centered in the U.S., caters to a plethora of ambulatory specialties like cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, and ENT.   While Ambience keeps mum on specific customer figures and platform usage data, notable […]

Stability AI launches SVD 1.1, a diffusion model for more consistent AI videos

In a symphony of pixels and algorithms, Stability AI hits the stage with the grand reveal of its upgraded gem, SVD 1.1. This fine-tuned iteration of their Stable Video Diffusion model promises smoother motion and harmonious consistency in churning out those tantalizing AI videos we all can’t get enough of. Tom Mason proudly raises his […]

This AI Is Learning to Decode the ‘Language’ of Chickens

Ever pondered what chickens are chirping about in their cozy coops? Turns out, these seemingly simple clucks and squawks are far from aimless chatter—they constitute a sophisticated language system! Just like us, these fine-feathered friends have a lot to say and a nuanced way of saying it.   Researchers at Dalhousie University are embarking on […]

Synthetaic claims synthetic data is as good as the real thing when it comes to AI

The daring tale of the Chinese “spy” balloon that fluttered across American skies in 2023 has now landed Synthetaic, an AI powerhouse, a sweet $15 million cash infusion in a Series B round. This windfall, led by Lupa Systems and TitletownTech, with bigwigs like Booz Allen Hamilton and IBM Ventures hopping on board, has positioned […]

AI meets AR as ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro

OpenAI has recently collaborated with Apple in the realm of mixed reality by launching a ChatGPT app tailored for the Apple Vision Pro headset. This unusual yet intriguing partnership brings a text-based app to a 3D-focused augmented reality environment, fostering interactions like simplifying complex concepts ‘like I’m five years old.’ Despite its simplicity compared to […]




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