Cisco launches Motific, a SaaS offering to accelerate generative AI deployments

Key Points:

  • Motific streamlines and accelerates generative AI deployment for enterprises
  • Cisco’s Motific provides controls for accurate outputs, security, and cost-effectiveness
  • Motific offers an all-in-one solution that covers the entire gen AI journey from assessment to production


Cisco has introduced Motific, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering designed to revolutionize generative AI deployment for enterprises. Born from the innovation hub Outshift, Motific provides a comprehensive view of the entire gen AI lifecycle, empowering IT and security teams to seamlessly implement trusted gen AI capabilities within their organizations, covering aspects like data management, security, responsible AI practices, and cost efficiency.


Gen AI adoption has seen a remarkable surge, with businesses increasingly integrating this transformative technology into their operations. Cisco’s timing couldn’t be better as companies are eager to explore the potential of generative AI across various functions. However, while gen AI offers significant benefits such as improved productivity and profitability, concerns around biases and trust gaps persist, necessitating careful model selection, data curation, and performance monitoring. To address the complexities and resource-intensive nature of gen AI deployment, Motific streamlines the entire journey, from assessment to production, in a vendor-agnostic manner. By automating the setup of assistants, APIs, and RAG technologies, Motific significantly reduces deployment timelines from months to mere days. Furthermore, the offering includes robust controls to ensure accuracy, security, and cost-effectiveness in AI projects, emphasizing compliance, data security, and risk mitigation.


Vijoy Pandey, senior vice president for Outshift, lauds Motific as a game-changer that accelerates enterprise gen AI adoption while mitigating risks and fostering innovation. Highlighting the solution’s versatility and positive reception from early testers, Pandey anticipates its impact on the market as it gears up for a full launch by mid-2024. While Motific shines as an innovative solution in the gen AI landscape, it faces competition from other players vying for a share of the booming generative AI market. However, Cisco’s unique selling proposition lies in its vast data resources and industry-leading security infrastructure, setting it apart from its rivals. As gen AI continues to reshape industries and drive profits, solutions like Motific are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of enterprise AI applications.



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