AI meets AR as ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro

Key Points:

  • OpenAI released a VisionOS ChatGPT app for Apple Vision Pro
  • User can ask ChatGPT for explanations in simplified form
  • Potential for future AI and AR integration


OpenAI has recently collaborated with Apple in the realm of mixed reality by launching a ChatGPT app tailored for the Apple Vision Pro headset. This unusual yet intriguing partnership brings a text-based app to a 3D-focused augmented reality environment, fostering interactions like simplifying complex concepts ‘like I’m five years old.’ Despite its simplicity compared to the immersive AR experience, the app enables users to ask questions and receive answers verbally.


While the ChatGPT app’s current functionalities may not appear tailored to the Vision Pro’s capabilities, envisioning a future where AI and AR merge opens up new horizons. Picture effortlessly sending images from your immediate surroundings to AI for instant analysis, like deciphering pantry contents for recipe suggestions or tackling homework dilemmas. The potential evolution towards generative immersive videos akin to Google’s AI video technology hints at exciting possibilities on the horizon.


Although the app’s utility on the Vision Pro remains somewhat limited for now, the availability of ChatGPT on the VisionOS App Store signals a stepping stone towards more innovative AI integration in augmented reality setups. As tech boundaries blur and possibilities expand, this collaboration could pave the way for groundbreaking developments in AI-enhanced augmented reality experiences.



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