Stability AI launches SVD 1.1, a diffusion model for more consistent AI videos

Key Points:

  • Stability AI has announced an upgrade to its image-to-video latent diffusion model, Stable Video Diffusion (SVD), named SVD 1.1.
  • The new model is optimized to generate short AI videos with better motion and consistency, available for public use and download.
  • Users looking to deploy SVD 1.1 for commercial purposes need to pursue a membership, while it remains open and free for research use.


In a symphony of pixels and algorithms, Stability AI hits the stage with the grand reveal of its upgraded gem, SVD 1.1. This fine-tuned iteration of their Stable Video Diffusion model promises smoother motion and harmonious consistency in churning out those tantalizing AI videos we all can’t get enough of. Tom Mason proudly raises his baton to announce that SVD 1.1 is ready to be downloaded via Hugging Face. This masterpiece isn’t free for all; a subscription membership ranging from free to $20 per month and beyond is required.


Back in the mists of November 2023, Stability AI debuted its SVD and SVD-XT duet, enchanting us with the magic of transforming still images into fleeting video dreams. Now, with SVD 1.1 emerging from the crucible of innovation, expect nothing less than pixelated poetry in motion at a resolution of 1024×576. But lest we bask too long in this digital reverie, skepticism peers over the horizon. While Stability AI boasts of SVD 1.1’s prowess, the curtain has yet to translate in the real world. As the grand narratives of Stability AI, Runway, and Pika unfold on the surreal canvas of AI video generation, the stage is set for a clash of titans. The overture of 2024 heralds a new act in a saga where creativity and technology entwine in a tango of innovation.





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