Colossyan uses GenAI to create corporate training videos

Key Points:

  • 75% of employees don’t give full attention to corporate training videos
  • Colossyan uses AI to generate workplace learning videos with avatars and TTS engine
  • Colossyan’s features include integrations with learning management systems and a “conversation mode”


In a world where corporate training videos often go unwatched or unheeded comes Colossyan, a GenAI-powered solution aiming to revolutionize workplace learning. Colossyan’s AI platform offers a dynamic approach, allowing users to create captivating videos featuring virtual avatars against customizable backgrounds.


Founded by Dominik Mate Kovacs, Colossyan stands out in a sea of competition by prioritizing interactivity and engagement. While some may find the avatars slightly rigid and the text-to-speech engine a tad robotic, the platform’s expanding clientele – including renowned brands like Novartis and Porsche – attests to its appeal and effectiveness.


Despite facing competition from the likes of CommonGround, Synthesia, and Surge, Colossyan’s innovative features, such as integrations with learning management systems and conversational capabilities between avatars, set it apart in the GenAI video landscape. The recent $22 million funding round, spearheaded by Lakestar, signifies a vote of confidence in Colossyan’s vision and potential to disrupt the training and development sector.


As organizations increasingly turn to AI for operational efficiency and service enhancement, Colossyan offers a promising solution for addressing training challenges. With plans to expand its team and introduce new features like branching videos and knowledge assessments, Colossyan is poised to shape the future of corporate learning, making dull training videos a relic of the past. So, next time you’re tempted to hit the snooze button during a training session, remember – the era of GenAI-powered engagement is upon us, courtesy of Colossyan.



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