Stable Diffusion 3 is a new AI image generator that won’t mess up text in pictures, its makers claim

Key Points:

  • New model Stable Diffusion 3 by Stability AI improves image quality
  • Works better with prompts containing multiple subjects
  • Can more accurately incorporate text into generated images


Stability AI, the tech startup known for its image creation tool, Stable Diffusion, recently announced the development of Stable Diffusion 3, a new generation model that aims to enhance image quality and accuracy when generating images based on text prompts. This latest model is designed to perform better with prompts involving multiple subjects and provide more precise textual integration into the resulting images, a feature that previous iterations lacked. The CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mosque, showcased some examples of this improved functionality on X.


The unveiling of Stable Diffusion 3 follows closely on the heels of a similar announcement by Stability AI’s main competitor, OpenAI. OpenAI introduced Sora, a new AI model capable of generating high-definition videos from concise text prompts. While Sora has not yet been made widely available, its potential to produce lifelike fake videos has raised concerns about the spread of misinformation. In response, both Stability AI and OpenAI have emphasized their commitment to collaborating with experts in the fields of misinformation and harmful content to ensure responsible deployment of their technologies.


Stability AI has affirmed its dedication to preventing misuse of Stable Diffusion 3 by malicious actors, promising ongoing collaboration with researchers, experts, and the broader community as they work towards the public release of the model. While the specific launch date for Stable Diffusion 3 remains unclear, individuals interested in exploring the capabilities of this new technology can sign up for a waitlist on Stability AI’s website. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and integrity in the development and deployment of AI-driven tools.



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