Day: February 25, 2024

AI chip race: Groq CEO takes on Nvidia, claims most startups will use speedy LPUs by end of 2024

Nvidia’s recent staggering earnings results, soaring 265% from a year ago, have captivated the tech world. However, don’t overlook Groq, a Silicon Valley-based startup making waves with its innovative AI chips for large language model (LLM) inference. Groq experienced a viral moment when CEO Matt Shumer showcased their tech providing lightning-fast answers through a public […]

Woman trains AI on her exes, creates a hologram and marries it

A Spanish artist, Alicia Framis, is set to marry AILex, an AI hologram, as part of her performance project titled The Hybrid Couple. The hologram has been trained to resemble her ex-boyfriends, with Framis considering this marriage as an exploration of love, intimacy, and identity in the era of AI. She believes that relationships with […]

This AI app will soon screen for type 2 diabetes using just a 6-10 second voice clip

Diabetes emerges as a critical issue due to the body’s struggle with insulin production and absorption of glucose. Type 1 diabetes witnesses a compromised pancreas unable to generate insulin, while Type 2 diabetes, more prevalent, witnesses the body’s ineffectiveness in utilizing insulin for glucose processing. This disease, often undetected despite its severe implications, jeopardizes millions […]

Google adds AI writing help to Chrome

Google Chrome M122 introduces a new “Help Me Write” feature aimed at improving users’ short-form content creation. The AI tool analyzes the context of the webpage being visited to offer relevant suggestions when writing sales listings, short emails, or brief reviews. By extracting details from the page, such as in the case of a gardening […]

Robot dog learns to open doors with its leg. Now there is nowhere to hide

In Switzerland, a team from ETH Zurich has pushed boundaries in robotics by teaching a robotic dog, the ANYmal, to perform tasks using its legs rather than arms. Led by Philip Arm, the researchers employed a machine learning model to instruct the robot in activities such as opening doors, pressing buttons, and carrying objects like […]

Salesforce Tableau looks beyond business intelligence dashboards with AI-powered Pulse

Salesforce has announced the general availability of its Tableau Pulse technology, offering organizations enhanced business intelligence insights through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Tableau Pulse, initially previewed in May 2023 and beta-tested in December 2023, leverages generative AI and natural language queries to highlight key metrics, trends, and recommendations tailored to each organization’s unique […]

The Justice Department gets a chief AI officer

The Justice Department has appointed Princeton professor and tech law expert Jonathan Mayer as its first chief AI officer to better understand the impacts of artificial intelligence on law enforcement. Attorney General Merrick Garland highlighted the need for this position to stay abreast of technological advancements in a rapidly evolving landscape. Mayer’s duties will include […]

Microsoft is giving Windows Photos a boost with a generative AI-powered eraser

Microsoft has introduced a new Generative AI-powered eraser feature in Windows Photos, offering users a convenient way to remove unwanted elements from their images. This tool is an enhanced version of the existing Spot Fix feature, promising more seamless and realistic results, especially when dealing with the removal of large objects like bystanders or background […]

Armenia’s 10web brings AI website-building to WordPress

Generative AI is revolutionizing website design, with tools like Wix and innovative startups such as Relume streamlining the process. Enter 10web, a company from Armenia, which aims to simplify WordPress website creation using text prompts. WordPress, despite powering 40% of websites globally, is complex for beginners due to its open-source nature. 10web integrates advanced AI […]

Tyler Perry is so shocked by OpenAI’s video generator Sora that he’s pausing an $800 million studio expansion

Tyler Perry, the TV and movie mogul, has put an $800 million expansion of his Atlanta studio complex on hold after witnessing the capabilities of OpenAI’s video-generator tool, Sora. He expressed concern over the potential impact of the AI tool on the entertainment industry, fearing job losses across various roles including actors, crew members, and […]

Using Leo to boost productivity—Brave’s privacy-preserving AI assistant now integrates with PDFs and Google Drive

Brave’s innovative AI assistant, Leo, has reached a significant milestone in its development roadmap by enhancing its capabilities to interact with PDFs and Google Drive files. This new feature aims to streamline user productivity in school and work settings while upholding stringent privacy standards.   The integration of PDF and Google Drive document support has […]

Stable Diffusion 3 is a new AI image generator that won’t mess up text in pictures, its makers claim

Stability AI, the tech startup known for its image creation tool, Stable Diffusion, recently announced the development of Stable Diffusion 3, a new generation model that aims to enhance image quality and accuracy when generating images based on text prompts. This latest model is designed to perform better with prompts involving multiple subjects and provide […]

Self-driving taxi service Waymo’s expanions plans are put on pause

Waymo, a self-driving taxi service based in California, encountered a setback when its application to expand its robotaxi operations in Los Angeles and San Mateo counties was suspended for 120 days by the California Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division (CPED). This suspension hampers Waymo’s plans for future expansion, although its current operations […]

Jasper acquires Stability AI’s Clipdrop to strengthen marketing copilot

San Francisco-based startup, Jasper, known for its AI-driven marketing copilot, has acquired Stability AI’s image creation and editing platform, Clipdrop. The undisclosed deal aims to enhance Jasper’s creative companion, empowering marketing teams to accelerate ad strategies and develop on-brand creatives. Jasper’s CEO, Timothy Young, envisions the acquisition advancing their goal to become the most comprehensive […]

Hundreds of AI luminaries sign letter calling for anti-deepfake legislation

The artificial intelligence community, with more than 500 signatories including notable figures like Jaron Lanier and Frances Haugen, has issued an open letter advocating for strict regulation of AI-generated impersonations known as deepfakes. The letter urges governments to implement obligations throughout the supply chain to combat the proliferation of deepfakes. Key proposals include criminalizing deepfake […]

Stellantis CEO says there’s still life in Waymo deal for self-driving delivery vans

Stellantis and Waymo are enhancing their partnership to focus on developing commercial self-driving Ram delivery vans, as CEO Carlos Tavares revealed in a recent interview. The collaboration, first announced in 2020 but subsequently eclipsed, is being revitalized with a particular emphasis on resolving the challenge of package delivery from the vehicle to the customer. Tavares […]

Humane’s Ai Pin launch delayed to mid-April amid high expectations

Humane, an AI startup based in the Bay Area, has informed its eager consumers about a slight delay in shipping their highly anticipated product, the Ai Pin. Originally scheduled for release in March, the shipment has now been pushed back to mid-April, as revealed by Sam Sheffer, the company’s Head of Media, in a recent […]

Not Again! Two More Cases, Just this Week, of Hallucinated Citations in Court Filings Leading to Sanctions

The utilization of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in legal research has come under scrutiny following multiple cases where lawyers unwittingly cited fictitious cases generated by AI systems, such as ChatGPT. Despite several high-profile incidents exposing these inaccuracies, recent occurrences in Missouri and Massachusetts indicate a persistent trend.   In the Missouri case of Kruse v. […]

AWS will add Mistral open source AI models to Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to assert its dominance in the cloud server industry by introducing Mistral AI’s cutting-edge open source LLMs to Amazon Bedrock, its platform for generative AI services and application development. AWS’s Principal Developer Advocate, Donnie Prakoso, revealed in a blog post that Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8x7B models from the French […]



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