Tyler Perry is so shocked by OpenAI’s video generator Sora that he’s pausing an $800 million studio expansion

Key Points:

  • OpenAI’s video-generator tool, Sora, caused concerns about potential job losses
  • Tyler Perry halted an $800 million expansion of his studio complex due to Sora
  • Sora’s AI technology creates realistic videos from simple text prompts


Tyler Perry, the TV and movie mogul, has put an $800 million expansion of his Atlanta studio complex on hold after witnessing the capabilities of OpenAI’s video-generator tool, Sora. He expressed concern over the potential impact of the AI tool on the entertainment industry, fearing job losses across various roles including actors, crew members, and editors. Perry emphasized the need for regulations to safeguard the industry against the disruptive effects of AI technology.


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman introduced Sora as a tool that allows users to create lifelike 60-second videos from simple text prompts. While acknowledging the cost-cutting potential of such technology in production, Perry raised alarms about the rapid advancements in AI and its implications for the livelihoods of industry professionals.


The rapid evolution of AI technologies like Sora poses a significant challenge to existing norms in the entertainment industry. Perry highlighted the need for proactive measures to address the potential displacement of workers and the economic incentives that may drive companies to opt for AI-generated content over traditional production methods. As the industry grapples with these changes, Perry’s decisions reflect the growing concerns about the transformative impact of AI on the future of film and television production.



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