Using Leo to boost productivity—Brave’s privacy-preserving AI assistant now integrates with PDFs and Google Drive

Key Points:

  • eo can now interact with PDFs and Google Drive files, enhancing user productivity and privacy.
  • Leo utilizes the accessibility tree in PDFs and Optical Character Recognition in Google Docs and Google Sheets for improved insights.
  • Leo’s document integrations offer valuable use cases across various platforms like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slack workspaces, and YouTube, while maintaining user privacy through advanced techniques


Brave’s innovative AI assistant, Leo, has reached a significant milestone in its development roadmap by enhancing its capabilities to interact with PDFs and Google Drive files. This new feature aims to streamline user productivity in school and work settings while upholding stringent privacy standards.


The integration of PDF and Google Drive document support has been achieved through advanced techniques. Leo now utilizes the accessibility tree in PDF metadata to comprehend the structural layout of PDF documents. Additionally, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology enables Leo to extract text from images in Google Docs and Sheets, enhancing its usability across various productivity applications.


Leo’s expanded functionality opens up a range of compelling use cases for users. From extracting data from intricate PDF documents to offering writing suggestions in Google Docs and analyzing data in Google Sheets, Leo proves to be a versatile assistant in various work scenarios. Furthermore, it can summarize key points from Slack conversations and video transcripts, further enriching its utility for users.


Privacy remains a cornerstone of Brave’s ethos, and Leo’s document integrations uphold this commitment by implementing robust safeguards. Through mechanisms like anonymization servers, data discarding, and unlinkable subscriptions, user information remains secure and private, reinforcing user trust in Leo’s services.


Looking ahead, Brave hints at expanding Leo’s compatibility with other document types, such as integrating with GitHub for code analysis. This ongoing development underscores Leo’s evolution from a mere chatbot to a sophisticated smart assistant that enhances user efficiency and productivity across diverse applications.



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