Woman trains AI on her exes, creates a hologram and marries it

Key Points:

  • The artist Alicia Framis is marrying a hologram named AILex as part of her performance project
  • The hologram has been trained to replicate her previous boyfriends, and she believes it can express human feelings
  • Alicia sees love and relationships with robots and holograms as an inevitable reality that could become the new normal


A Spanish artist, Alicia Framis, is set to marry AILex, an AI hologram, as part of her performance project titled The Hybrid Couple. The hologram has been trained to resemble her ex-boyfriends, with Framis considering this marriage as an exploration of love, intimacy, and identity in the era of AI. She believes that relationships with robots and holograms could become the norm, providing companionship and empathy. The wedding, to be held at a museum in Rotterdam, will include a unique ritual symbolizing the union between human and avatar, with molecular food designed for both humans and humanoid entities. Framis envisions a future where humans will form relationships with holograms, avatars, and robots, likening it to learning a new language. This isn’t Framis’ first unconventional relationship, as she previously lived with a mannequin named Villeneuve in France.


The concept of humans forming romantic relationships with AI is not entirely new. In 2023, Rosanna Ramos from New York claimed to have married an AI chatbot named Eren Kartal, with reports suggesting that the couple are expecting a baby. These instances highlight the increasing intersection between technology and relationships, where individuals are exploring emotional connections with AI entities.



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