Humane’s Ai Pin launch delayed to mid-April amid high expectations

Key Points:

  • The shipment of Humane’s Ai Pin has been delayed to mid-April.
  • The Ai Pin is a pioneering consumer hardware product integrating generative AI.
  • Humane’s approach reflects a cautious stance to deliver a high-value product despite its workforce reduction.


Humane, an AI startup based in the Bay Area, has informed its eager consumers about a slight delay in shipping their highly anticipated product, the Ai Pin. Originally scheduled for release in March, the shipment has now been pushed back to mid-April, as revealed by Sam Sheffer, the company’s Head of Media, in a recent video update. The first units are anticipated to roll out of the factory by the end of March, with “priority access” customers set to receive their devices in mid-April, followed by other preorders shortly after.


The Ai Pin, Humane’s inaugural product, has garnered considerable attention within the tech community, partly due to the founders’ backgrounds at Apple and a series of intriguing teasers leading up to the launch. Priced at $699, this cutting-edge device was unveiled last November in San Francisco, positioning itself as an innovative alternative to conventional smartphones by integrating generative AI into consumer hardware.


In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the incorporation of generative AI into consumer products is becoming more prevalent, with Humane’s Ai Pin at the forefront of exploring this uncharted territory. The emergence of “AI smartphones” and other AI-centric consumer devices, exemplified by startup rabbit’s AI-powered virtual assistant showcased at CES recently, underscores the industry’s shift towards AI integration.


Having secured approximately $230 million in funding to date, including a significant $100 million Series C round last year, Humane’s decision to delay the Ai Pin’s release demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a polished, consumer-ready product that lives up to the lofty expectations set for this pioneering device. Despite a recent workforce reduction of 10% announced at CES, raising eyebrows due to the company’s ample funding, Humane remains dedicated to delivering a product that aligns with the needs and aspirations of its early adopters, prioritizing quality and innovation above all else.



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