Stellantis CEO says there’s still life in Waymo deal for self-driving delivery vans

Key Points:

  • The deepened partnership between Stellantis and Waymo will focus on self-driving Ram delivery vans.
  • The discussion includes key considerations on how packages will be delivered from the vehicle to the customer.
  • The partnership is expected to bring engineering collaborations and developments, with more details to be shared possibly by summer.


Stellantis and Waymo are enhancing their partnership to focus on developing commercial self-driving Ram delivery vans, as CEO Carlos Tavares revealed in a recent interview. The collaboration, first announced in 2020 but subsequently eclipsed, is being revitalized with a particular emphasis on resolving the challenge of package delivery from the vehicle to the customer. Tavares hinted at forthcoming engineering initiatives but withheld specifics, teasing a potential update by summer.


While specifics remain under wraps, Waymo also acknowledged its interest in deepening ties with Stellantis, hinting at ongoing discussions. Tavares’ optimism contrasts with the trend of autonomous vehicle-OEM partnerships fading away in recent years. However, the practical execution of a broadened agreement remains a hurdle, particularly considering Waymo’s shift away from commercial delivery services to prioritize self-driving taxis.


Waymo’s previous collaboration with Stellantis involved supplying custom Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans for driverless vehicle deployment – a fleet that saw modest delivery numbers in comparison to the initial order. The partnership, dating back to 2016, marked a pivotal step in Waymo’s autonomous journey. Amidst this progression, Waymo recently phased out the Chrysler Pacifica program in favor of all-electric Jaguar I-Pace vehicles for its robotaxi service.


As Stellantis and Waymo deepen their alliance to unleash self-driving Ram delivery vans, the evolving landscape of autonomous technology and commercial transportation presents intricate challenges and exciting possibilities on the horizon.



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