This AI app will soon screen for type 2 diabetes using just a 6-10 second voice clip

Key Points:

  • Insulin is essential for absorbing glucose in the body and providing energy for its functions.
  • Type 2 diabetes poses serious health risks such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney problems.
  • Voice-based disease detectors using AI technology present a promising and cost-effective way to detect diseases like diabetes.


Diabetes emerges as a critical issue due to the body’s struggle with insulin production and absorption of glucose. Type 1 diabetes witnesses a compromised pancreas unable to generate insulin, while Type 2 diabetes, more prevalent, witnesses the body’s ineffectiveness in utilizing insulin for glucose processing. This disease, often undetected despite its severe implications, jeopardizes millions globally and disproportionately affects the underprivileged.


In tackling the diagnostic challenges surrounding diabetes, Klick Health, a Toronto-based life science company, introduces a groundbreaking approach. Their innovative test revolutionizes the detection process by utilizing a mere voice recording, for a mere 6 to 10 seconds, on a smartphone to predict potential diabetes risks with unparalleled convenience and affordability, circumventing the cumbersome and costly conventional blood tests.


This new frontier of disease detection, harnessing AI technology to analyze vocal biomarkers, represents a paradigm shift. By scrutinizing voice patterns for subtle alterations linked to diabetes, Klick’s pioneering model boasts impressive accuracy rates of 89% for females and 86% for males, indicating promising prospects for early identification and intervention.


The potential of voice-based diagnostics extends beyond diabetes, hinting at a future where AI-powered apps could detect a range of conditions. Noteworthy advancements, such as detecting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases through voice changes, underscore the transformative impact of AI in preventive healthcare.


Yet, despite the groundbreaking nature of Klick’s innovation, caution is advised concerning false positives and the need for corroborative tests for definitive diagnosis. This voice-based test serves as an initial screening tool, emphasizing the importance of consulting healthcare professionals for comprehensive evaluation and care.


As technology paves the way for accessible and efficient healthcare solutions, the advent of voice-based disease detection shines as a beacon of hope in preempting the silent threat of diabetes and other ailments. The marriage of AI and vocal biomarkers heralds a new era in health monitoring, one that holds the potential to save lives and enhance wellbeing through early detection and intervention, a vital step towards achieving healthier futures for all.



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