Microsoft is giving Windows Photos a boost with a generative AI-powered eraser

Key Points:

  • Microsoft introduces Generative-AI powered eraser for photos
  • New tool offers seamless and realistic results in removing large objects
  • Generative erase currently limited to Windows Insiders on Windows 10 and 11 for Arm64 devices


Microsoft has introduced a new Generative AI-powered eraser feature in Windows Photos, offering users a convenient way to remove unwanted elements from their images. This tool is an enhanced version of the existing Spot Fix feature, promising more seamless and realistic results, especially when dealing with the removal of large objects like bystanders or background clutter.


While Google and Samsung already have AI eraser tools on their mobile devices, Microsoft’s Generative erase stands out by providing desktop and laptop users access to an AI-powered photo eraser within the Windows Photos image editor. By selecting the Erase option and using a brush to mask the elements for removal, users can easily edit their images. The tool also allows for adjusting brush sizes for precision and the simultaneous removal of multiple elements.


Currently, access to the Generative erase feature is limited, available only to Windows Insiders on Windows 10 and Windows 11 for Arm64 devices through the Photos app. The rollout of this innovative tool represents Microsoft’s continued investment in AI-powered image editing solutions, offering users advanced capabilities to enhance their photography experience.



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