Armenia’s 10web brings AI website-building to WordPress

Key Points:

  • Generative AI tools for website building
  • Challenges and advantages of using WordPress
  • 10web’s monetization strategies and revenue growth


Generative AI is revolutionizing website design, with tools like Wix and innovative startups such as Relume streamlining the process. Enter 10web, a company from Armenia, which aims to simplify WordPress website creation using text prompts. WordPress, despite powering 40% of websites globally, is complex for beginners due to its open-source nature. 10web integrates advanced AI models like Llama 2 and GPT-4 to enhance the platform’s usability, making website building more intuitive.


10web’s co-founder, Arto Minasyan, emphasizes the challenges of developing a platform that supports WordPress due to its intricate architecture. However, the company’s focus on enhancing WordPress’s user experience is expected to yield returns, given its massive community of two million developers. With positive cash flow and 20,000 paying customers, 10web has generated 1.5 million sites and anticipates reaching $25 million in annual recurring revenue by next year.


The company offers monetization through fees per website or based on traffic, with plans to introduce a payment system for user commissions. 10web attributes part of its success to Armenia’s wealth of affordable engineering talent, contrasting with the competitive landscape in the U.S. Minasyan also highlights Armenia’s emerging tech hub, home to the country’s first unicorn, Picsart. Armenian startups, like 10web, often establish engineering teams locally and expand business operations in the U.S. to leverage talent and facilitate fundraising opportunities.


Armenian startups predominantly target the U.S. market for significant funding rounds, emphasizing a strategic split between engineering and marketing functions. Minasyan underscores the importance of accessing top AI talent while acknowledging the advantage of a U.S. presence in fundraising efforts. With a team of 70 employees, 10web exemplifies Armenia’s growing influence in the tech sector and its entrepreneurial ventures reaching international markets, reflecting the country’s determination to excel on a global stage.



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