Google adds AI writing help to Chrome

Key Points:

  • Google Chrome M122 introduces “Help Me Write” AI feature
  • Focuses on improving short form content like sales listings, emails, and reviews
  • Tool suggests relevant content based on the webpage context, but may have limitations and disclaimers


Google Chrome M122 introduces a new “Help Me Write” feature aimed at improving users’ short-form content creation. The AI tool analyzes the context of the webpage being visited to offer relevant suggestions when writing sales listings, short emails, or brief reviews. By extracting details from the page, such as in the case of a gardening enthusiast writing a review on garden shears, Chrome aims to enhance the quality and value of user recommendations to benefit others in the same hobby.


While this feature may seem fresh for Chrome users, similar tools like Microsoft Edge’s ‘compose’ tool have already been available, suggesting that Google is playing catch-up with its introduction. In light of potential concerns, Google has emphasized that the “Help Me Write” tool does not provide advice on medical, legal, or financial matters and acknowledges that, as an experimental feature, inaccuracies or offensive content may occur.


Google’s cautious approach likely stems from past controversies, notably the Gemini image generation tool that faced criticism for perceived biases. The Gemini tool was removed due to accusations of being overly sensitive to issues like racism, leading to historical inaccuracies when tasked with generating images of Native Americans or the Founding Fathers. Jack Krawczyk, senior director for Gemini Experiences, acknowledged the tool’s broad generation capabilities but admitted it fell short in accurately depicting specific historical figures.


As Google introduces innovative AI features like “Help Me Write” in Chrome M122, it navigates the challenges of balancing functionality with accuracy and sensitivity to avoid past missteps. The company’s commitment to refining these tools reflects a broader industry trend of harnessing AI for user assistance while addressing potential pitfalls and ensuring responsible usage.



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