Day: November 28, 2023

Amazon announces new AI chip as it deepens Nvidia relationship

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced new chips for building and running artificial intelligence (AI) applications, along with plans to offer access to Nvidia’s latest chips. The move is aimed at making AWS stand out as a cost-effective cloud provider by offering top-of-the-line products from Nvidia and other vendors. The new Nvidia H200 GPU will […]

NVIDIA Powers Training for Some of the Largest Amazon Titan Foundation Models

NVIDIA NeMo, a framework for large language models (LLMs), helps companies overcome challenges in generative AI. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been using NeMo to create foundation models for their generative AI service, Amazon Bedrock. NeMo’s parallelism techniques and compatibility with AWS’s Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) allowed AWS scientists to efficiently train LLMs at scale, […]

Animate Anyone: Consistent and Controllable Image-to-Video Synthesis for Character Animation

  Source: Alibaba Character Animation aims to generating character videos from still images through driving signals. Currently, diffusion models have become the mainstream in visual generation research, owing to their robust generative capabilities. However, challenges persist in the realm of image-to-video, especially in character animation, where temporally maintaining consistency with detailed information from character remains […]

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin: If AI Turns on Us ‘Even Mars May Not Be Safe’

The article discusses the importance of prioritizing human intention in AI development rather than solely focusing on profit maximization.  

Dataminr, the $4B big data startup, is laying off 20% of staff today, or 150 people, as it preps to double down on AI

Dataminr, a New York-based big data company valued at $4.1 billion, is laying off around 20% of its staff, or approximately 150 people. The company, which uses AI and big data algorithms to provide predictive insights about news and global events, cites the economic environment, operational efficiencies, and advancements in its AI platform as reasons […]

Scale collaborates with NVIDIA to power the next generation of LLMs with NeMo SteerLM

Scale AI and NVIDIA have joined forces to revolutionize generative AI with their collaboration on LLMs (Large Language Models). By utilizing Scale’s top-notch training datasets and NVIDIA’s NeMo SteerLM, which allows dynamic steering of models during inference, developers can create applications for a wide range of enterprise use cases, from education to chat bots to […]

Amazon announces Q, an AI chatbot for businesses

Amazon has announced a new chatbot called Q for workplace use. This move is aimed at competing with Microsoft and Google in productivity software. Q, named after the character in James Bond or Star Trek, depending on who you ask at AWS, is currently available in a preview version with free features. Once the preview […]

Learning few-shot imitation as cultural transmission

Cultural transmission is the domain-general social skill that allows agents to acquire and use information from each other in real-time with high fidelity and recall. It can be thought of as the process that perpetuates fit variants in cultural evolution. In humans, cultural evolution has led to the accumulation and refinement of skills, tools and […]

$10mn AI Mathematical Olympiad Prize Launches

XTX Markets is launching a new $10mn challenge fund, the Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Olympiad Prize (AI-MO Prize). The fund intends to spur the development of AI models that can reason mathematically, leading to the creation of a publicly-shared AI model capable of winning a gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).   The grand prize of $5mn will […]

Imbue to Develop Next-Generation AI Models with $150 Million Dell High Performance Computing System

Dell Technologies has partnered with independent AI research company Imbue to build a high-performance computing cluster for training foundation models optimized for reasoning. The $150 million agreement will involve the construction of a Dell PowerEdge server cluster with nearly 10,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Imbue aims to develop AI agents with advanced reasoning capabilities […]

Stability AI reveals SDXL Turbo: A Real-Time Text-to-Image Generation Model

Stability AI released SDXL Turbo, a new text-to-image mode that utilizes a distillation technique called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). This technique allows the model to generate real-time text-to-image outputs in a single step while maintaining high sampling fidelity. SDXL Turbo builds upon the foundation of SDXL 1.0 and incorporates advancements in diffusion model technologies. Although […]

Inflection releases its new model inflection 2 – outperforms Google’s PaLM-2

Inflection-2, the superstar of AI training, flexed its metaphorical muscles on 5,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs. That’s a lot of computing power, enough to put it in the same training class as Google’s flagship PaLM 2 Large model. But wait, there’s more! Inflection-2 doesn’t just keep up, it outperforms PaLM 2 on the majority of standard […]

Pika, which is building AI tools to generate and edit videos, raises $55M

Pika, a startup specializing in generative AI video editing and generation tools, has raised $55 million in a funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Pika has also launched Pika 1.0, a suite of videography tools that includes a generative AI model capable of editing videos in different styles. The company aims to simplify and […]

When deepfakes go nuclear

The movie “WarGames” highlights the potential risks of incorporating AI into the nuclear weapons sphere, particularly regarding the use of fake data to deceive enemies. Deepfakes, which are AI-generated images or videos that can look astonishingly real, could be used to create deceptive data in the military and intelligence fields. The reliance on AI for […]



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