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Anthropic’s Claude AI Overthrows ChatGPT on Chatbot Arena Leaderboard

Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus has surpassed OpenAI’s ChatGPT to claim the top spot on the Chatbot Arena leaderboard, marking the first time GPT-4 has been dethroned since its debut last year. Chatbot Arena, managed by LMSYS ORG, utilizes a unique model comparison system done by the public to determine rankings based on subjective assessments, offering […]

Amazon invests another $2.75B in Anthropic — reportedly ‘largest’ in company history

Amazon finalizes its $4 billion investment in AI startup Anthropic, marking its largest venture investment to date. This partnership aims to advance generative artificial intelligence applications across organizations worldwide. Anthropic recently unveiled the Claude 3 family of large language models, surpassing rivals like OpenAI. Amazon has integrated some versions of Claude 3 into its Bedrock […]

Financial Times tests an AI chatbot trained on decades of its own articles

The Financial Times has introduced a new generative AI chatbot called Ask FT, designed to provide subscribers with curated natural language answers to a wide range of questions using decades of published information. This tool, akin to other generalized AI bots like ChatGPT and Copilot, draws on the outlet’s extensive archives to offer reliable responses. […]

Claude AI Chatbot Declared Off Limits to Political Candidates

Anthropic, the AI company known for its ChatGPT competitor, Claude, has implemented strict policies to prevent the misuse of its technology in political campaigning. The company announced that candidates cannot use Claude to create chatbots that impersonate them, nor can the AI be used for targeted political campaigns. Violators of this policy will face warnings […]

Anthropic Introduces Claude 2.1 With 200K Context Window

Artificial intelligence startup Anthropic has unveiled Claude 2.1, the latest version of its conversational AI assistant. And let me tell you, Claude 2.1 is bringing some serious upgrades to the table. We’re talking about improvements in context length, accuracy, and integration capabilities. It’s like Claude got a fancy makeover and came back stronger than ever. […]



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