Day: March 28, 2024

Zscaler finds enterprise AI adoption soars 600% in less than a year, putting data at risk

The reliance of enterprises on AI/machine learning tools has skyrocketed nearly 600%, with transactions increasing from 521 million in April 2023 to 3.1 billion monthly by January 2024. Concerns over security have led to a substantial rise in AI/ML transactions being blocked, up by 577% in nine months. Cyber attackers have evolved their tactics, employing […]

Life2vec: Warning from creators of AI that predicts your death

A new artificial intelligence model called Life2vec has been developed to predict early mortality and other life events based on sequences of past events. Utilizing registry datasets from Denmark spanning several years, the AI analyzes data on health, education, income, occupation, address, and working hours to make predictions about major life events and personality traits. […]

Apple set to unveil their AI master plan at Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple will reveal its expansion into artificial intelligence (AI) at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, held at Apple Park from June 10 to June 14. Though not explicitly mentioned in the event details, AI is expected to be a significant topic, especially in relation to iOS 18. CEO Tim Cook has promised advancements in AI, […]

Chip Startup Celestial AI Lands Massive $175M Series C

Celestial AI, a startup specializing in optical interconnectivity, has secured a substantial $175 million in its Series C funding round, with the US Innovative Technology Fund, led by Thomas Tull, taking the lead. The company’s photonic fabric platform addresses the growing demand for compute power and memory capacity in the age of generative AI, providing […]

Anthropic’s Claude AI Overthrows ChatGPT on Chatbot Arena Leaderboard

Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus has surpassed OpenAI’s ChatGPT to claim the top spot on the Chatbot Arena leaderboard, marking the first time GPT-4 has been dethroned since its debut last year. Chatbot Arena, managed by LMSYS ORG, utilizes a unique model comparison system done by the public to determine rankings based on subjective assessments, offering […]

Amazon invests another $2.75B in Anthropic — reportedly ‘largest’ in company history

Amazon finalizes its $4 billion investment in AI startup Anthropic, marking its largest venture investment to date. This partnership aims to advance generative artificial intelligence applications across organizations worldwide. Anthropic recently unveiled the Claude 3 family of large language models, surpassing rivals like OpenAI. Amazon has integrated some versions of Claude 3 into its Bedrock […]



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