Life2vec: Warning from creators of AI that predicts your death

Key Points:

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) model named Life2vec predicts early mortality and uses registry datasets from Denmark.
  • Deep learning models analyze various factors to predict major life events and personality nuances.
  • The creators describe Life2vec as fun and innovative but have issued stern warnings due to concerns about fraudulent use of the technology.


A new artificial intelligence model called Life2vec has been developed to predict early mortality and other life events based on sequences of past events. Utilizing registry datasets from Denmark spanning several years, the AI analyzes data on health, education, income, occupation, address, and working hours to make predictions about major life events and personality traits. Despite some concerns about the nature of the predictions, the creators of Life2vec describe the tool as “fun and innovative.”


However, with the increasing interest in Life2vec, its founders have issued a stern warning to the public to be cautious. In response to reports of fraudulent websites claiming to offer the service for free, the researchers have clarified that the software is currently not accessible online due to potential data leaks associated with large language models. They are working on methods to share the model with research communities, but caution that further research is necessary before making it widely available.


The predictions made by Life2vec cover a range of topics, not limited to death forecasts, although this aspect has garnered attention due to its sensitive nature. The team explains that they chose to explore mortality prediction as it is a well-studied issue with applications in areas like insurance. While initial findings are based on Danish data, the researchers are actively investigating how the model’s results may generalize to different countries and contexts.



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