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Mistral CEO Says AI Companies Are Trying to Build God

Arthur Mensch, the CEO of Mistral, Europe’s prominent AI firm, dismisses the notion of achieving “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) as akin to attempting to create a god, emphasizing his atheistic beliefs. Mensch’s stance against the AGI pursuit carries weight due to his reputation as Europe’s AI champion at just 31 years old.   Having previously […]

Databricks invests in Mistral and brings its AI models to data intelligence platform

Databricks, led by Ali Ghodsi, has partnered with the Paris-based startup Mistral to integrate Mistral’s large language models (LLMs) into Databricks’ data intelligence platform. Databricks’ investment in Mistral, combined with bringing select LLMs to its platform, amplifies opportunities for enterprise users in generative AI applications without compromising security protocols. This move signifies Databricks as a […]

Snowflake partners with Mistral AI, taking its open LLMs to the data cloud

Snowflake has entered into a multi-year partnership with Mistral, a Paris-based AI startup that recently secured Europe’s largest seed round. This collaboration will integrate Mistral’s large language models (LLMs) into Snowflake’s data cloud, allowing customers to access these models for building LLM applications. Snowflake has also invested in Mistral through its corporate venture capital arm. […]

Mistral releases new ‘top-tier’ AI model – Microsoft partners to diversify

Paris-based startup Mistral, less than a year old, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge AI model, Mistral Large. This new open-source generative AI model follows closely on the heels of its precursor, Mistral 7B. Mistral Large is celebrated for its top-tier reasoning abilities, proficiency in code and mathematics, and multilingual talents, being fluent in English, French, […]

AWS will add Mistral open source AI models to Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to assert its dominance in the cloud server industry by introducing Mistral AI’s cutting-edge open source LLMs to Amazon Bedrock, its platform for generative AI services and application development. AWS’s Principal Developer Advocate, Donnie Prakoso, revealed in a blog post that Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8x7B models from the French […]

Mistral CEO confirms ‘leak’ of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance

The open source AI community was taken on a rollercoaster ride when a new open source large language model (LLM) called “miqu-1-70b” surfaced on HuggingFace, appearing to rival the top-performing Mistral 8x7b and OpenAI’s GPT-4. The model’s exceptional performance noted by users and experts sparked speculation and curiosity. However, the mystery was unraveled when Mistral’s […]

Mistral AI, a Paris-based OpenAI rival, closed its $415 million funding round

French startup Mistral AI has successfully closed its Series A funding round, raising €385 million. This values the company at approximately $2 billion. Mistral AI, which aims to become a European champion in generative artificial intelligence, has attracted investments from prominent firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspeed Venture Partners.   The company has released […]

Mistral AI nears $2B valuation — less than 12 months after founding

Mistral AI, a French generative AI startup, is on the rise with a nearly $2B valuation less than a year after its founding. The company’s focus on building smaller language models for developers sets it apart from its competitors, targeting lower latency and costs. The recent funding round of about €450mn includes investments from Silicon […]



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