Day: February 26, 2024

A startup – Now Media – sets out to fight misinfo with blockchain tech

Now Media, a new startup, is introducing a blockchain-based tool called Sovereignty to equip media organizations in the fight against disinformation. The platform aims to provide digital media outlets with verification tools that leverage Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology to authenticate content on the blockchain. By doing so, users can access a transparent and unchangeable […]

Mistral releases new ‘top-tier’ AI model – Microsoft partners to diversify

Paris-based startup Mistral, less than a year old, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge AI model, Mistral Large. This new open-source generative AI model follows closely on the heels of its precursor, Mistral 7B. Mistral Large is celebrated for its top-tier reasoning abilities, proficiency in code and mathematics, and multilingual talents, being fluent in English, French, […]

Gemini is about to slide into your DMs

Google has rolled out a series of updates for Android and its apps just in time for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The updates include a new way to interact with Google’s chatbot Gemini directly in Google Messages. Gemini will be available as an update to the Messages app this week, but access is […]

DeepMind taps the power of its AI to accelerate quantum computers

Google DeepMind and UK-based Quantinuum have collaborated to advance the development of quantum computers by tackling a crucial challenge: reducing the number of T gates, which are vital but resource-intensive components in quantum circuits. Through their joint effort, they introduced AlphaTensor-Quantum, an AI model that combines deep reinforcement learning with tensor decomposition to optimize T-count. […]

Qualcomm unveils AI and connectivity chips at Mobile World Congress

Qualcomm made a splash at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona by unveiling a suite of cutting-edge AI, 5G, and Wi-Fi devices. These innovations, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Snapdragon X Elite, aim to revolutionize intelligent computing and enhance various industries and consumer experiences.   At the event, Qualcomm emphasized the importance […]

Robo Dog based on German Shepard can bound up stairs. Meet Tecno 1

Chinese firm Tecno debuted their robot dog, the Tecno Dynamic 1, at the Mobile World Conference 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This cutting-edge cybernetic canine, modeled after a German Shepherd, features a coolant system mimicking a real dog’s movements, presented in a sleek black design that exudes a futuristic aesthetic. The robot dog impressively showcases abilities […]

Microsoft announces ‘AI access principles’ to offset OpenAI competition concerns

Microsoft, fresh from its collaboration with Mistral AI and amidst concerns about competition, has introduced the “AI Access Principles” framework. This framework, outlined by Microsoft President Brad Smith at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, consists of an eleven-point plan guiding the operation of AI infrastructure worldwide.   Key points include enabling businesses to access […]

Google Will Relaunch Gemini in a ‘Few Weeks,’ After Its Racial Controversy

Google faced backlash for its new AI image generator, Gemini, which struggled to consistently create images of white individuals. Right-wing influencers accused the tech giant of reverse racism due to the app’s difficulties in producing accurate depictions of white people, particularly in historical contexts like Vikings or Nazis. Google temporarily disabled Gemini’s capabilities but now […]



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