A startup – Now Media – sets out to fight misinfo with blockchain tech

Key Points:

  • Sovereignty is a technology platform for digital media organizations to combat disinformation using blockchain tech
  • The platform leverages Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology to authenticate content on the blockchain, providing a transparent record of content creation and edits
  • Now Media founders emphasize the importance of integrating Sovereignty with publishers’ content management systems to create unique signatures for each published content, enhancing trustworthiness and reliability


Now Media, a new startup, is introducing a blockchain-based tool called Sovereignty to equip media organizations in the fight against disinformation. The platform aims to provide digital media outlets with verification tools that leverage Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology to authenticate content on the blockchain. By doing so, users can access a transparent and unchangeable record of a piece of content’s origin and any subsequent alterations.


In a discussion with Semafor, Now Media’s co-founders, Matt Medved and Alejandro Navia, highlighted the significance of Sovereignty in an era marked by AI advancements and widespread disinformation. They emphasized the challenge of verifying the creators and sources of digital content, underscoring the importance of establishing trust and credibility in media platforms. The duo expressed optimism about the potential of Sovereignty to address these crucial issues and foster a more transparent media landscape.


Having engaged in constructive dialogues with publishers, Now Media is seeking to integrate Sovereignty into content management systems to generate a distinctive signature each time content is published. This integration is envisioned to enable audiences to discern the authenticity of sources and make informed judgments about a publisher’s reliability. By offering a mechanism for tracking content changes and origins, Sovereignty aims to enhance transparency and combat the spread of misinformation.


Against the backdrop of the upcoming U.S. presidential election, Now Media’s founders stressed the urgency of launching Sovereignty amid the evolving threat of AI-generated fake media. They highlighted the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence, warning of the potential misuse of advanced AI tools by malicious actors. By introducing Sovereignty at this critical juncture, Now Media seeks to equip media organizations with a proactive solution to safeguard against the proliferation of deceptive content and uphold the integrity of information dissemination.


In summary, Now Media’s innovative platform, Sovereignty, represents a strategic response to the challenges posed by disinformation in the digital age. By harnessing blockchain technology and collaboration with publishers, Now Media aims to empower media outlets with the means to verify content authenticity, enhance transparency, and bolster trust with their audiences.



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