Gemini is about to slide into your DMs

Key Points:

  • Introduction of Gemini chatbot in Google Messages
  • Updates to Android Auto for safer driving experience
  • Enhancements in accessibility features using generative AI in Lookout and Maps


Google has rolled out a series of updates for Android and its apps just in time for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The updates include a new way to interact with Google’s chatbot Gemini directly in Google Messages. Gemini will be available as an update to the Messages app this week, but access is currently limited to participants in Google’s beta testing program. The chatbot, which was previously reviewed as lacking in conversational abilities, will now be integrated into the messaging app to provide users with a more interactive experience. Gemini in Messages is initially only available in English and in select markets.


Android Auto has received an artificial intelligence update that allows for text and chat thread summaries, as well as context-based suggestions for replies and actions while driving. Google has also introduced AI-powered accessibility features in Lookout and Maps. Lens in Google Maps will now offer improved screen reader support to help visually impaired users identify businesses and access relevant information. Lookout, a tool for visually impaired individuals, has been updated to automatically generate descriptions for images using AI technology.


Additionally, Google has introduced non-AI related updates, including a feature that simplifies switching output devices while using Spotify on Android devices. Another notable update is the support for handwritten annotations in Google Docs on Android phones and tablets. This feature allows users to make notes on documents using various pen and highlighter colors with a finger or stylus, making it particularly useful for users who enjoy taking notes in a tactile manner.


These updates demonstrate Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience across its products and services, covering chatbot integration, driving safety, accessibility, and productivity tools.



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