Robo Dog based on German Shepard can bound up stairs. Meet Tecno 1

Key Points:

  • The Tecno Dynamic 1 robot dog showcased at MWC2024 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The robot dog mimics a real dog’s motions with innovative features like a coolant system and AI recognition system.
  • The cybernetic canine is controlled via smartphone, has 64GB of internal storage, and is part of a growing trend in robotics technology.


Chinese firm Tecno debuted their robot dog, the Tecno Dynamic 1, at the Mobile World Conference 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This cutting-edge cybernetic canine, modeled after a German Shepherd, features a coolant system mimicking a real dog’s movements, presented in a sleek black design that exudes a futuristic aesthetic. The robot dog impressively showcases abilities such as begging, offering a paw, and navigating stairs at a brisk pace of 8.3 miles per hour. With a battery life of 90 minutes and a 15,000mAh battery for recharging, the Tecno Dynamic 1 promises engagement within limits.


This robot dog is equipped with features like four microphones for audio command reception, controlled via smartphone using Bluetooth and home WiFi connections, alongside 64GB of internal storage. Its advanced AI HyperSense Fusion System, powered by an 8-core CPU and an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera module, enables binocular and infrared sensors to interpret the surroundings and identify obstacles effectively. Tecno’s unveiling underscores the increasing presence of robotics in the consumer market, as witnessed by other industry players like 1X Technologies and Figure, who have made significant strides in robotics innovation, with Figure recently entering into a partnership with BMW to expand their automation endeavors. This collective momentum signals a future where robotic technologies become an integral part of everyday life, bridging the gap between fiction and reality.



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