Mistral releases new ‘top-tier’ AI model – Microsoft partners to diversify

Key Points:

  • Mistral is launching a new AI flagship model for developers, Mistral Large, with top-tier reasoning capabilities and proficiency in code and mathematics.
  • Mistral has partnered with Microsoft and is releasing the model on Azure AI platform, becoming the second company to launch commercial language models on Azure.
  • Mistral is also launching a multilingual conversational assistant named “Le Chat” for conversational interfacing with its AI models, which is entering beta access for early customers.


Paris-based startup Mistral, less than a year old, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge AI model, Mistral Large. This new open-source generative AI model follows closely on the heels of its precursor, Mistral 7B. Mistral Large is celebrated for its top-tier reasoning abilities, proficiency in code and mathematics, and multilingual talents, being fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.


Co-founder and CEO Arthur Mesch expressed excitement over this achievement, highlighting the groundbreaking performance of Mistral Large in pushing the boundaries of advanced AI technology. Mistral has further solidified its position in the market by partnering with tech giant Microsoft, which will now resell Mistral’s models through its Azure AI platform. Microsoft’s backing includes a minor undisclosed stake in Mistral, positioning the startup as the second company after OpenAI to launch commercial language models on Azure.


In addition to these advancements, Mistral has introduced “Le Chat,” a multilingual conversational assistant designed to facilitate interactions with the company’s AI models. As Le Chat enters beta testing for early adopters, it is set to be made available to enterprise customers in the near future. The startup’s rapid growth trajectory is evidenced by its successful fundraising efforts, including a record-breaking €105mn seed round in June and achieving a remarkable €2bn valuation within just months of its inception. Mistral has distinguished itself as a key player in Europe’s AI landscape, challenging the likes of OpenAI’s ChatGPT with its innovative solutions alongside other prominent European counterparts.


Through its strategic partnerships, groundbreaking AI models, and commitment to technological innovation, Mistral is poised to make significant waves in the AI industry as it continues to evolve and expand its offerings.



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