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Intel and others commit to building open generative AI tools for the enterprise

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with industry leaders such as Cloudera and Intel, has introduced the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA) project. Focused on developing open, composable generative AI systems, OPEA aims to create robust and scalable AI solutions by leveraging open source innovation. Members of OPEA include Intel, IBM-owned Red Hat, and other […]

Intel confirms Microsoft’s Copilot AI will soon run locally on PCs, next-gen AI PCs require 40 TOPS of NPU performance

At Intel’s AI Summit in Taipei, it was confirmed that Microsoft’s Copilot AI service will soon run locally on PCs, moving away from cloud-based operations. This shift comes alongside a new requirement of 40 TOPS of performance on the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for next-gen AI PCs. Intel executives discussed this development in a recent […]

Intel’s AI Reboot Is the Future of US Chipmaking

Intel, the largest chipmaker in the US, is making a strategic comeback by leveraging generative AI and US government concerns about China’s technological advancements. The company is expanding its foundry business to manufacture chip designs for other companies, aiming to compete with global leaders like Taiwan’s TSMC. Microsoft has already committed to using Intel’s foundry […]

Intel to deliver a 5X jump in AI in just two chip generations — Panther Lake in 2025 will double the AI performance over Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed during the Q4 earnings call that the company is targeting significant AI performance improvements for its upcoming processors – Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake.   The fast-paced release schedule for these processors, coupled with aggressive AI performance gains, positions Intel as a potent contender in consumer AI hardware, […]

Intel: “We are bringing the AI PC to the car”

Intel has announced its first-generation AI-enhanced software-defined vehicle system-on-chip for the automotive sector, with the goal of enhancing in-car experiences and features such as navigation, voice assistants, and vehicle controls.   The company is aiming to introduce a family of systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) for software-defined vehicles (SDVs) by the end of 2024, starting with the first […]

Intel spins out its generative AI software into new Articul8 company focused on delivering LLM solutions

Intel, a leader in AI hardware, establishes Articul8 AI to address the software requirements for enterprise-grade generative AI, aiming to provide scalable and secure solutions for various industries.   Articul8 AI offers a vertically integrated and secure genAI software solution, equipped with ready-to-use APIs and a range of LLMs and probabilistic models tailored for industries […]

The Morning After: Intel unveils its first chips built for AI work

Intel has revealed its new Core Ultra notebook chips, codenamed Meteor Lake, which are the company’s first processors to include a neural processing unit (NPU) for accelerating AI tasks. These chips are claimed to use up to 79% less power than AMD’s last-gen Ryzen 7840U and are up to 11% faster for multithreaded tasks. The […]

Intel CEO attacks Nvidia on AI: ‘The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market’

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger introduced new datacenter chips and emphasized the importance of inference technology over Nvidia’s CUDA technology for AI. Gelsinger stated that CUDA’s dominance in training may not last, and Intel believes that the future of AI lies in inference. He also highlighted Intel’s focus on OpenVINO and its ability to compete in […]

Intel unveils new data center chip with focus on AI growth

Intel unveiled its latest generation of data center chips, the 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors, during its AI Everywhere event in New York.   The new chips offer AI functionality of their own and provide greater performance to customers deploying AI capabilities across cloud, network, and edge use cases.   The 5th Gen chips boast […]

Nvidia beats TSMC and Intel to take top chip industry revenue crown for the first time

Nvidia, the green team in the chip industry, has taken the revenue crown from TSMC, the contract chip-making titan, according to a financial analyst. Nvidia reported impressive Q3 FY23 results, with $18.12 billion in revenue, up 206% YoY, and $10.42 billion in profit. This performance surpassed its chip industry rivals, including TSMC, Intel, and Samsung. […]



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