Day: December 15, 2023

US nuclear-fusion lab enters new era: achieving ‘ignition’ over and over

After over a decade of persistent effort, the US National Ignition Facility (NIF) achieves a historic breakthrough by producing a fusion reaction that releases more energy than it consumes, known as ignition. The success has been replicated multiple times, marking a significant leap forward in fusion energy research and garnering attention from top government officials, […]

Vatican Says AI Is the ‘Highest-Stakes Gamble of Our Future’

In his sermon for the 2024 World Day of Peace, Pope Francis highlighted the need for ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI) to serve humanity, reduce harm, and promote peace and justice. He emphasized the importance of managing rapid technological transformations to safeguard human rights and respect institutions. The Vatican called for a binding international […]

Grindr Dating App Adds an AI ‘Wingman’ to Help Users Find Love

Grindr, a popular LGBTQ dating app, has partnered with the generative AI company Ex-human to introduce an AI assistant to its platform. Ex-human’s customizable chatbots are designed to engage in emotionally resonant and meaningful conversations, aligning with Grindr’s goal to enhance social interaction. This move into AI-assisted dating reflects a broader trend in the industry, […]

Ilya Sutskever’s Team at OpenAI Built Tools to Control a Superhuman AI

OpenAI has released a research paper, indicating that they believe superhuman AI could be developed within the next ten years. The paper, “Weak-to-Strong Generalization”, outlines a proposed solution to ensure that AI systems much smarter than humans will still follow human rules. OpenAI plans to achieve this by designing small AI models to teach superhuman […]

DeepMind’s AI finds new solution to decades-old math puzzle

DeepMind’s language model, FunSearch, has made a significant breakthrough by discovering a novel solution to a challenging math problem known as the “cap set puzzle.” This achievement could potentially signal a new era in AI development.   FunSearch excelled in finding new constructions for large cap sets, surpassing the best-known solutions to date. While it […]

When it comes to generative AI in the enterprise, CIOs are taking it slow

The article explores the cautious but growing interest in generative AI among enterprise buyers. While vendors hype up the potential of generative AI, large companies remain careful with their investments in this technology. Many companies are under pressure to operate more efficiently, and generative AI has the potential to facilitate this, but it also comes […]

Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba Unveils New AI Video Tool

Alibaba Cloud, a major player in the tech industry, has released a cutting-edge AI tool known as I2VGen-XL, which converts text to high-resolution videos using advanced cascaded diffusion models, showcasing both visual and contextual coherence.   The release of I2VGen-XL reflects the ongoing global AI arms race, as the US and China compete for technological […]

The Morning After: Intel unveils its first chips built for AI work

Intel has revealed its new Core Ultra notebook chips, codenamed Meteor Lake, which are the company’s first processors to include a neural processing unit (NPU) for accelerating AI tasks. These chips are claimed to use up to 79% less power than AMD’s last-gen Ryzen 7840U and are up to 11% faster for multithreaded tasks. The […]

Google’s Pixel 9 could arrive with a sophisticated ‘Pixie’ AI assistant

Google is developing a new AI assistant called Pixie, which will be integrated with the Pixel 9 phone and powered by the Gemini large language model (LLM). This assistant will have the ability to perform complex and multimodal tasks, leveraging data from Google products like Gmail and Maps to provide personalized assistance.   The Pixie […]

Microsoft’s AI chatbot ‘hallucinates’ election information

The article discusses the potential impact of generative AI, particularly Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, on the spread of misinformation during upcoming major elections. The concern is that the chatbot may provide incorrect information and fabricate false statements related to elections, which could pose a threat to the democratic process. The study […]

These are the top priorities for CEOs next year — and AI tops the list, according to McKinsey

As a CEO, the challenges of running a successful business are becoming increasingly complex, with the world facing a multitude of issues such as the global pandemic, strained supply chains, geopolitical tensions, and persistent inflation. In light of these challenges, McKinsey has identified the top eight priorities for executives in 2024, offering strategic insights for […]



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