Grindr Dating App Adds an AI ‘Wingman’ to Help Users Find Love

Key Points:

  • Grindr has partnered with Ex-human to introduce AI-assisted dating, aiming to enhance the user experience by offering features such as dating advice, conversation starters, and personalized recommendations.
  • The broader dating app industry is also moving towards AI tools, with Tinder testing AI for message suggestions and profile creation, reflecting a trend toward integrating AI into the dating landscape.
  • The ethical and privacy implications of AI in dating are significant, with potential concerns around data privacy and the risk of misuse, as well as the impact of AI on human interactions in the digital dating era.


Grindr, a popular LGBTQ dating app, has partnered with the generative AI company Ex-human to introduce an AI assistant to its platform. Ex-human’s customizable chatbots are designed to engage in emotionally resonant and meaningful conversations, aligning with Grindr’s goal to enhance social interaction. This move into AI-assisted dating reflects a broader trend in the industry, with other apps like Tinder exploring AI tools for message suggestions and profile creation.



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