Nvidia beats TSMC and Intel to take top chip industry revenue crown for the first time


Nvidia, the green team in the chip industry, has taken the revenue crown from TSMC, the contract chip-making titan, according to a financial analyst. Nvidia reported impressive Q3 FY23 results, with $18.12 billion in revenue, up 206% YoY, and $10.42 billion in profit. This performance surpassed its chip industry rivals, including TSMC, Intel, and Samsung. Nvidia’s success can be attributed to its multiple highly successful operating segments, especially its Data Center business. However, TSMC may make a comeback, as the fable goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ It will be interesting to see how these chip industry rivals fare in the future.


Key Points:

  • Nvidia surpasses TSMC and other chip industry rivals in Q3 FY23 revenue and profit.
  • Nvidia’s impressive performance is supported by its multiple successful operating segments.
  • The Data Center business is Nvidia’s rising star.
  • TSMC may make a comeback in the future.
  • The total revenue number includes revenue from other companies’ services such as software licensing.



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