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Judge Martínez-Olguín dismissed most counts alleging copyright infringement on Silverman’s book but allowed an “unfair business practices” claim to proceed. Despite copying books for AI training, OpenAI did not infringe copyright by not reproducing them for consumers. The case challenges how AI companies use copyrighted material without permission. The dispute highlights the need for evidence […]

Stability, Midjourney, Runway hit back in AI art lawsuit

The ongoing class-action copyright battle between artists and AI image generation companies has reached a new chapter. The defendants, including Stability AI, Midjourney, Runway, and DeviantArt filed a flurry of motions aiming to have the case entirely dropped and dismissed with prejudice. The artists initially claimed copyright infringement, alleging that the AI companies unlawfully scraped […]

Kin.art launches free tool to prevent GenAI models from training on artwork

Generative AI has made significant strides, as exemplified by Midjourney and OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, which can transform textual descriptions into stunning artwork. However, these AI models often use artwork without the consent of the original artists, prompting entrepreneurs and activists to develop tools to protect artists’ rights. One such tool, Kin.art, employs image segmentation and […]

Google News searches ranked AI-generated ripoffs above real articles

The Washington Post found a ripoff of its own work courtesy of a sketchy outlet called “Business News” churning out AI-generated articles. This ripoff even dared to copy the Post’s original artwork and references. Google has confirmed that while AI-generated content is not against its policies, it can be removed if it’s deemed “spam” aimed […]

Anthropic, a major generative AI startup, has responded to accusations of copyright infringement from music publishers and content owners, arguing that its use of song lyrics to train its AI models constitutes fair use under the law and has no substantially adverse impact on the market for copyrighted works.   The filing from Anthropic points […]

Magic: The Gathering’ Publisher Denies, Then Admits, Using AI Art In Promo Image

Have you ever peered into the fantastical world of Magic: The Gathering only to discover that reality is stranger than fiction? Well, Wizards of the Coast, the minds behind the beloved game, found themselves in hot water after sneaking some sneaky AI-generated content into their marketing. Naughty, naughty!   It all started innocently enough with […]

OpenAI Trained AI Models on Copyrighted Work, Says NYT Lawsuit

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging unauthorized use of its articles to train AI models, which now compete with the newspaper in the dissemination of information and news.   OpenAI and Microsoft are accused of using The Times’s content to create AI products that substitute for and steal […]

The use of copyrighted material to train AI models is the center of a heated debate between creators and AI developers. The Authors Guild and other artist groups argue that it is unfair to use their work without permission, while tech companies claim it falls under fair use. This conflict has sparked legal action and […]

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