Day: January 8, 2024

Panasonic Made a New Super Accurate In-Camera Subject Recognition AI

Panasonic unveils a new AI image recognition technology called REAL-AI, which employs a novel training program to improve object recognition accuracy.   The new technology utilizes an algorithm that actively utilizes diverse information about how objects appear, allowing for the recognition of images with multimodal distribution, which was previously difficult for AI.   Panasonic’s new […]

A Philosophical Introduction to Language Models — Part I: Continuity With Classic Debates

Large language models like GPT-4 have achieved remarkable proficiency in a broad spectrum of language-based tasks, some of which are traditionally associated with hallmarks of human intelligence. This has prompted ongoing disagreements about the extent to which we can meaningfully ascribe any kind of linguistic or cognitive competence to language models. Such questions have deep […]

Magic: The Gathering’ Publisher Denies, Then Admits, Using AI Art In Promo Image

Have you ever peered into the fantastical world of Magic: The Gathering only to discover that reality is stranger than fiction? Well, Wizards of the Coast, the minds behind the beloved game, found themselves in hot water after sneaking some sneaky AI-generated content into their marketing. Naughty, naughty!   It all started innocently enough with […]

Mojawa put an AI running coach in its bone-conducting headphones

Mojawa unveiled its new product, the HaptiFit Terra, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The bone-conduction headphones come with a built-in AI sports trainer that can create custom exercise plans, monitor various health metrics, and provide haptic feedback while exercising.   The HaptiFit Terra features clear, dynamic sound, magnetically-levitated bass, an elegant design, glowing lights […]

Apple reportedly eyeing generative AI push and Siri overhaul for the iPhone

Apple is planning to introduce major generative AI features for its next version of iOS, including auto-summarizing and auto-complete features for its core apps and productivity programs, automating playlist creation in Apple Music, and a major overhaul for Siri.   The company is also developing new versions of Xcode and other programming tools that will […]

GenAI could make KYC effectively useless

The world of financial security is under threat as generative AI technology makes it increasingly easy to create convincing deepfake ID images, raising doubts about the effectiveness of KYC authentication processes. While KYC systems have long relied on ID images and selfies to verify customers’ identities, the emergence of generative AI tools now presents a […]

Waymo’s driveless cars are hitting Phoenix’s freeways at long last

Waymo has announced the commencement of testing its driverless vehicles on highways and freeways, marking a significant expansion from the earlier restricted city street tests.   The company is starting the highway and freeway tests around Phoenix with the autonomous Jaguar I-Pace SUV, initially limiting access to company employees and their guests. The data collected […]

YouTube is cracking down on AI-generated true crime deepfakes

YouTube is updating its cyberbullying and harassment policies to prohibit content that “realistically simulates” minors and other victims of crimes narrating their deaths or the violence they experienced.   The policy update targets disturbing AI-powered depictions of victims, including children, describing violence against them, which has sparked outrage from the families of the victims depicted […]

OpenAI Pleads That It Can’t Make Money Without Using Copyrighted Materials for Free

OpenAI is facing challenges regarding its use of copyrighted material to train artificial intelligence models. The company has appealed to the British Parliament, claiming it is impossible for them to train their large language models (LLMs) without copyrighted material. OpenAI argues that restricting training data to public domain works would not meet the needs of […]

OpenAI claims The New York Times tricked ChatGPT into copying its articles

OpenAI has publicly responded to a copyright lawsuit by The New York Times, calling the case “without merit” and expressing a hope for a partnership with the media outlet.   In a blog post, OpenAI disputed the Times’ claims, particularly regarding its ChatGPT AI tool reproducing Times stories verbatim and argued that the newspaper had […]

Getty, through iStock, introduces a new AI-powered image generator called Generative AI, which creates commercially safe images for marketing materials, social media, and online ads.   The AI image generator is trained on proprietary data from Getty Images’ libraries to avoid copyright concerns, providing legal protection to users.   Users can pay $15 for every […]

Amazon turns to AI to help customers find clothes that fit when shopping online

Amazon is using AI technology to help customers shop for apparel online. This includes personalized size recommendations, fit review highlights from customer reviews, improved size charts, and AI-powered insights for sellers.   The average return rate for clothing ordered online is 24.4%, which is higher than the overall online return rate, and retailers and brands […]

Volkswagen is adding ChatGPT to its infotainment system

Get ready to chat with your VW car – from mid-2024, Volkswagen’s infotainment systems will feature ChatGPT, an AI-driven conversational interface designed to enhance the in-car user experience. Paired with Cerence, ChatGPT will allow VW drivers to control infotainment, navigation, and climate control, as well as access general-knowledge search using voice commands.   Volkswagen is […]

A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless.

Marty Seligman, an American psychologist with significant global influence, has become a revered figure in Chinese psychology, with his well-being theories integrated into Chinese education policies from a young age. Zhao, an entrepreneur, hopes to capitalize on Seligman’s popularity by using his endorsement for a mental health AI “coach” in the Chinese market.   However, […]

NIST Identifies Types of Cyberattacks That Manipulate Behavior of AI Systems

In a world dominated by AI, even the most sophisticated technology can be easily misled or manipulated by adversaries. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and collaborators have identified vulnerabilities in AI and machine learning (ML) and outlined various adversarial tactics that can be used to confuse or “poison” these systems, with no […]

Samsung fires off new generation of AI-driven 8K OLED TVs

Samsung unveiled a new generation of TVs and OLED screens ahead of CES 2024, showcasing features in accessibility, sustainability, free content, connectivity, and security. The lineup includes Neo QLED 8K TVs, Neo QLED 4K TVs, and Samsung OLED TVs, all powered by advanced processors and featuring AI-based enhancements for picture quality and sound.   The […]

Robotics Expert Says AI Hype Is Due for a Brutal Reality Check

Famed roboticist Rodney Brooks, co-founder of iRobot, has issued a warning about the future of AI, suggesting that the industry is following a cyclic pattern of hype followed by stagnation, with the next breakthrough likely to be delayed for years.   Brooks has a history of making accurate predictions, having previously forecasted the rise of […]

Isomorphic inks deals with Eli Lilly and Novartis for drug discovery

Isomorphic Labs, a drug discovery-focused spin-out of Google AI R&D division DeepMind, has partnered with pharmaceutical giants Eli Lilly and Novartis to leverage AI in discovering new medications to treat diseases, with combined deals valued at around $3 billion.   Isomorphic draws on DeepMind’s AlphaFold 2 AI technology to predict the structure of proteins in […]



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