Mojawa put an AI running coach in its bone-conducting headphones

Key Points:

  • Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra offers bone-conduction headphones with a built-in AI sports trainer, aiming to provide a comprehensive fitness and workout experience.
  • The product incorporates advanced features such as glowing lights for visibility, 3D pressure-sensitive controls, and substantial on-board storage and battery life.
  • The availability of a significant early bird discount for pre-orders incentivizes early adoption of the HaptiFit Terra.


Mojawa unveiled its new product, the HaptiFit Terra, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The bone-conduction headphones come with a built-in AI sports trainer that can create custom exercise plans, monitor various health metrics, and provide haptic feedback while exercising.


The HaptiFit Terra features clear, dynamic sound, magnetically-levitated bass, an elegant design, glowing lights for visibility in the dark, and 3D pressure-sensitive controls. It also offers 32GB of on-board storage and eight hours of battery life, aiming to minimize the need to carry a phone during workouts.


The product is available for pre-order with a significant early bird discount, priced at $200 with the code “HFPRE1” at checkout. However, the price will increase by $100 after its release in March.



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