Day: December 20, 2023

Seeking a Big Edge in A.I., South Korean Firms Think Smaller

While they lag behind their U.S. counterparts, their focus on non-English languages could help loosen the American grip on artificial intelligence.

New brain-like transistor performs energy-efficient associative learning at room temperature

In a breakthrough development, researchers at Northwestern University, Boston College, and MIT have created a brain-inspired synaptic transistor that mimics human intelligence. This transistor processes and stores information simultaneously, introducing a new era of neuromorphic computing that aligns closely with the brain’s architecture. Unlike previous brain-like computing devices, this transistor is stable at room temperature, […]

Using AI, researchers identify a new class of antibiotic candidates that can kill a drug-resistant bacterium

The antibiotic crisis may be seeing a glimmer of hope as MIT researchers harness the power of deep learning to unearth a groundbreaking class of compounds with the potential to combat drug-resistant bacteria. In a world plagued by the menacing threat of antibiotic resistance, the discovery of novel antibiotics is akin to finding a treasure […]

AI system, Coscientist, autonomously learned and executed complex chemical reactions – may accelerate discoveries

In a groundbreaking development, a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has created an artificial intelligence system, Coscientist, capable of autonomously learning and executing complex chemical reactions, including Nobel Prize-winning palladium-catalyzed cross couplings. The AI demonstrated the ability to plan and execute these reactions with remarkable speed and precision, drawing on large language models […]

Waymo has 7.1 million driverless miles — how does its driving compare to humans?

For years, Waymo has been touting the safety potential of its driverless vehicles, and now it claims to have the data to back it up. The company analyzed 7.13 million fully driverless miles in three cities and found its vehicles to be 6.7 times less likely than human drivers to be involved in a crash […]

Mercedes Gets Approval For Turquoise Automated Driving Lights So Cops Won’t Pull You Over For Watching A Movie

Mercedes-Benz has become the first automaker to receive approval to sell a Level 3 automated driving system in the United States. The system, named Drive Pilot, allows hands-off and eyes-off driving in traffic jam situations up to 40 mph, with the use of turquoise-colored exterior marker lights to indicate active automated driving. This revolutionary advancement […]

Watch an AI robot learn how to demolish humans at a marble maze game

In a groundbreaking display of technological advancement, researchers at ETH Zurich have unveiled CyberRunner, an AI-powered robot designed to conquer the physical marble game Labyrinth with unparalleled speed and precision. Developed by Thomas Bi and Raffaello D’Andrea, CyberRunner integrates model-based reinforcement with the dexterity necessary to excel in a game demanding skill, coordination, and accuracy. […]

Scary AI Can Look at Photos and Figure Out Exactly Where They Were Taken

As businesses continue to seek innovative applications for artificial intelligence (AI), a team of Stanford graduate students has developed an impressive AI called Predicting Image Geolocations (PIGEON). This AI uses Google Street View to accurately determine the location where various photos were taken. The PIGEON AI has garnered attention for its remarkable accuracy in pinpointing […]

Google’s plan to quash AI-generated election misinformation

As the nation approaches the 2024 presidential election, concerns are mounting over the potential for AI to fuel misinformation campaigns, with various experts and reports highlighting the alarming implications of AI-powered fake news.   Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, voiced apprehension that AI will lead to chaos and misinformation in the upcoming elections, while a […]

UK Supreme Court rules AI is not an inventor

It’s a fascinating stroll into the legal labyrinth of intellectual property as the UK Supreme Court knocked the gavel on a pivotal ruling: artificial intelligence, with all its whirring and calculating might, cannot hold patents. In this whirlwind of legal battles and technological progress, the court resoundingly declared that AI cannot step into the shoes […]

Art of Confusion: Humans Prefer ‘Real’ Art to AI Art, But Struggle to Tell the Difference

In the increasingly blurred realm of artificial intelligence and human creativity, AI tools such as DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion are producing visually convincing artworks that challenge human perception. Despite this, a study by Bowling Green State University suggests that people exhibit a preference for human-created art, even though they struggle to identify its source […]



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