Day: December 24, 2023

Make-A-Character: High Quality Text-to-3D Character Generation within Minutes

There is a growing demand for customized and expressive 3D characters with the emergence of AI agents and Metaverse, but creating 3D characters using traditional computer graphics tools is a complex and time-consuming task. To address these challenges, we propose a user-friendly framework named Make-A-Character (Mach) to create lifelike 3D avatars from text descriptions. The […]

Moderna’s mRNA cancer vaccine works even better than thought

In a breakthrough development, Moderna’s cancer vaccine, mRNA-4157 (V940), when combined with Keytruda, has shown a significant reduction in the risk of melanoma recurrence and death. The vaccine, which works by instructing the body to produce proteins found only on cancer cells, has demonstrated promising results in an ongoing phase 2b trial. The study showed […]

Apple shares ‘Ferret’ machine learning model for image-based queries

In a surprise move, researchers from Apple and Cornell University introduced an open-source multimodal LLM, dubbed “Ferret,” which can utilize image regions for queries. Released quietly on Github in October with no accompanying fanfare, Ferret has now gained attention from AI researchers, with industry experts applauding Apple’s commitment to impactful AI research. Despite its non-commercial […]



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