Day: December 7, 2023

VinBrain to launch AI-centric solutions to save lives and advance precision care at RSNA 2023

VinBrain, an AI HealthTech company funded by Vingroup in Vietnam, introduced two cutting-edge AI solutions at RSNA 2023, a major medical conference in North America. The solutions, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution and DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment, aim to revolutionize medical care and advance precision care for all.   The presence of VinBrain at RSNA […]

Nvidia Sees Huawei as Formidable AI Chipmaking Rival, CEO Says

Huawei Technologies Co., Intel Corp., and several emerging semiconductor startups are major competitors to Nvidia Corp. in the race to produce the best AI chips. The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, considers these companies to be formidable opponents, particularly in China.   The U.S. has imposed barriers on the sale of Nvidia’s AI chips to […]

Runway partners with Getty Images to build enterprise ready AI tools

Runway, in collaboration with Getty Images, is introducing a new model that allows companies to create custom video content using AI. This Runway Getty Images Model (RGM) is designed to enable fine-tuning using proprietary datasets, catering to various industries such as Hollywood studios, advertising, media, broadcasting, and more. It aims to revolutionize content creation by […]

San Francisco startup MaintainX raises $50 million to bring A.I. to industrial operations

MaintainX, a San Francisco-based startup specializing in industrial maintenance software, recently secured $50 million in a Series C funding round led by Bain Capital Ventures, propelling the company’s valuation to $1 billion and granting it unicorn status. The investment will be used to bolster their research and development, enhance artificial intelligence capabilities, and expand their […]

Early impressions of Google’s Gemini aren’t great

Google unveiled Gemini, its new flagship generative AI model meant to power various products and services, including the chatbot Bard. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that Gemini Pro, a lite version of Gemini, has been receiving criticism for its poor performance. Users have reported errors in providing accurate information, translating languages, summarizing news, and coding. Moreover, […]

New group aims to professionalize AI auditing

The AI industry is facing a critical issue related to the lack of independent audits for AI systems, leading to potential harmful consequences on society. Gemma Galdon-Clavell, CEO of Eticas Consulting, emphasizes the importance of auditing AI systems to ensure they work as intended without negative outcomes on society. The lack of agreed-upon methods for […]

Ex-Google, Coursera employees start Lutra AI to make AI workflows easier to build

Jiquan Ngiam, a former employee of Coursera and Google, identified the potential for AI to automate tasks traditionally performed by engineers. Along with a team of five, he founded Lutra AI, a startup that creates AI workflows from natural language, allowing non-technical users to automate tasks without needing technical expertise. Lutra takes a code-first approach, […]

The use of copyrighted material to train AI models is the center of a heated debate between creators and AI developers. The Authors Guild and other artist groups argue that it is unfair to use their work without permission, while tech companies claim it falls under fair use. This conflict has sparked legal action and […]

Five-month-old Indian AI startup Sarvam scores $41 million funding

Sarvam AI, a five-month-old Indian startup based in Bengaluru, has raised $41 million in seed and Series A financing rounds. The company is focused on developing full-stack generative AI offerings, particularly large language models (LLMs) with support for Indian languages. Sarvam AI is building a platform that allows businesses to leverage LLMs, emphasizing voice as […]

Automated proposal writing startup AutogenAI raises $39.5M from Salesforce Ventures and others

The UK-based startup AutogenAI has raised $39.5 million in a Series B funding round, co-led by Salesforce Ventures and Spark Capital, for its generative AI software that automates the tedious and time-consuming process of proposal writing. The company’s bid-writing product suite has led to a 30% increase in win rates and significant cost savings for […]

Another blow for self-driving trucks as former industry leader TuSimple abandons the US

TuSimple, once a leading developer of self-driving trucks in the U.S., is now exiting the country due to internal controversies and a lost partnership with Navistar. The company is laying off 75% of its U.S. staff and selling off its assets, as it shifts its focus to the Asia-Pacific region.

Nvidia CEO says he will try to prioritize Japan for AI processors

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, committed to supplying artificial intelligence processors to Japan due to the country’s urgent need to enhance its semiconductor infrastructure and AI technology development. Japan’s recent financial allocation of approximately ¥2 trillion for chip investment underscores its dedication to reboot its semiconductor industry and secure its position in the AI technology arena. […]

Top Execs at Sports Illustrated’s Publisher Fired After AI Debacle

The recent firing of two senior executives, COO Andrew Kraft and President Rob Barrett, at The Arena Group, the owner of _Sports Illustrated_, has sparked attention to the company’s recent AI controversy. The dismissal is part of a broader restructuring effort by the majority owner, billionaire Manoj Bhargava, following the revelation that _Sports Illustrated_ and […]

Insurers’ AI Use for Coverage Decisions Targeted by Blue States

States such as Colorado, New York, California, and others are stepping up to regulate insurance algorithms amid concerns about discriminatory practices. Insurers like State Farm, Cigna, and UnitedHealth have faced legal actions alleging unfair treatment of minorities and older customers due to their use of automated processes to deny coverage. The advance of AI in […]

Apple Unveils An Open-Source Path for AI Development on Its Silicon Chips

Apple recently launched MLX, an open-source framework designed specifically for machine learning on its M-series CPUs. The framework aims to address compatibility and performance issues associated with Apple’s unique architecture and software, providing a more user-friendly design and a more streamlined process for training and deploying AI models on Apple devices. MLX’s unified memory model […]

Microsoft exec hints at new LLMs beyond OpenAI’s

Microsoft’s executive Eric Boyd hinted that the company’s AI service will soon provide more LLMs beyond OpenAI, offering customers more choice. This comes after Amazon AWS CEO criticized Microsoft’s reliance on OpenAI, emphasizing the need for cloud providers to offer more options.   Microsoft has deployed OpenAI’s models in its products and offers the flexibility […]



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