VinBrain to launch AI-centric solutions to save lives and advance precision care at RSNA 2023

Key Points:

  • VinBrain introduced groundbreaking AI solutions, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution and DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment, at RSNA 2023, aimed at improving healthcare operations and advancing precision care.
  • The company’s presence at RSNA marked the first-time participation of a Vietnamese AI HealthTech startup at the global healthcare conference, reflecting its commitment to innovation and industry leadership.
  • The AI solutions showcased by VinBrain are designed to expedite interoperability, streamline hospital operations, and empower the fight against liver and rectal cancer, highlighting the potential for AI to revolutionize medical care.


VinBrain, an AI HealthTech company funded by Vingroup in Vietnam, introduced two cutting-edge AI solutions at RSNA 2023, a major medical conference in North America. The solutions, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution and DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment, aim to revolutionize medical care and advance precision care for all.


The presence of VinBrain at RSNA 2023 marked the first time a Vietnamese AI HealthTech startup participated in the global healthcare conference. The company gained attention for its innovative AI solutions that streamline hospital operations and aid in radiologic AI, with a focus on advancing diagnostic radiology care efficiently and safely.


The launch of DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution emphasizes the company’s commitment to transforming healthcare toward precision care through interoperability and streamlining. This solution is capable of auto-generating reports in multiple languages, providing personalized Electrical Medical Records Analytics, and delivering real-time insights for data-driven decisions.


The unveiling of DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment showcases VinBrain’s efforts to utilize AI for more accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment decisions, aiming to empower the fight against liver and rectal cancer. The innovative AI-powered solutions enable early detection, classification, localization, and measurement of cancer, potentially saving more lives and improving patient care.



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