New group aims to professionalize AI auditing

Key Points:

  • The AI industry lacks independent audits for AI systems, which can lead to harmful consequences on society.
  • Different approaches are needed for auditing AI systems depending on the type of system in question, and ethical ground rules need to be established for algorithm auditors.
  • Auditors should be accountable to the public or regulatory body and consider the real-world implications of AI systems, beyond just technical aspects.


The AI industry is facing a critical issue related to the lack of independent audits for AI systems, leading to potential harmful consequences on society. Gemma Galdon-Clavell, CEO of Eticas Consulting, emphasizes the importance of auditing AI systems to ensure they work as intended without negative outcomes on society. The lack of agreed-upon methods for testing the dangers of AI systems remains a challenge, requiring different approaches based on the type of system in question. The founding members of the IAAA emphasize the need to establish ethical ground rules for algorithm auditors, ensuring they are accountable to the public or a regulatory body and not financially tied to the tech companies they are examining.



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