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Hugging Face launching robotics project with former Tesla scientist

Former Tesla scientist Remi Cadene has joined AI platform Hugging Face to lead an open-source robotics project, marking the platform’s potential entry into the robotics market. Cadene, who previously worked on self-driving technology and humanoid robots at Tesla, announced his new venture on social media, seeking engineers to develop real robots in Paris.   Hugging […]

New Video of Tesla Optimus Bot Walking

  New Video of Tesla Optimus Bot Walking  

Elon Musk implies that Tesla’s procuring AMD’s Instinct MI300 for AI

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has announced that the company will spend billions on AI processors for its artificial intelligence training workloads, with a significant portion earmarked for Nvidia’s AI GPUs. The company is also considering hardware from AMD, which offers various AI accelerators.   A data center full of Tesla’s Dojo processors is projected […]

Elon’s Tesla robot is sort of ‘ok’ at folding laundry in pre-scripted demo

  Elon Musk’s Optimus humanoid robot, showcased by Tesla, was seen performing a task of folding a t-shirt at a development facility. The robot’s performance, however, left much to be desired according to Musk, who remarked that he could fold shirts faster than the robot. The robot was not acting autonomously but rather following prescribed […]

Tesla unveils its new Optimus robot: – Gen 2

On Tuesday, Tesla released a demo video showing the latest version of its prototype humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2. Over one year after Tesla’s first public Optimus robot demonstration, which showcased shaky robots that waved and slumped over, things have apparently progressed quite a bit, assuming that the video accurately reflects the technology. “Everything in this video is […]

Tesla Unveils New Humanoid Robot

Tesla has unveiled its second-generation Optimus humanoid robot, showcasing its improved dexterity and agility, and potential to replace human workers in the company’s factories. The robot, featured in a video shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, can perform complex tasks such as flexing its fingers and hands, walking faster, doing squats, and picking up objects […]



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