Hugging Face launching robotics project with former Tesla scientist

Key Points:

  • Hugging Face launching open-source robotics project
  • Hugging Face’s focus on AI tools and pre-trained models
  • Hugging Face’s job listing for an Embodied Robotics Engineer in France


Former Tesla scientist Remi Cadene has joined AI platform Hugging Face to lead an open-source robotics project, marking the platform’s potential entry into the robotics market. Cadene, who previously worked on self-driving technology and humanoid robots at Tesla, announced his new venture on social media, seeking engineers to develop real robots in Paris.


Hugging Face, known for its repository of AI tools and pre-trained models primarily focused on natural language processing (NLP), serves as a hub for AI developers and users to collaborate and build a community around machine learning. While Hugging Face has not officially confirmed its foray into robotics, signs point to its interest, including reposting Cadene’s announcement and posting a job listing for an Embodied Robotics Engineer in France.


The job listing seeks a professional to design, build, and maintain low-cost robotic systems integrating AI technologies like deep learning and embodied AI. Collaboration with ML engineers, researchers, and product teams is emphasized to innovate solutions pushing the boundaries of robotics and AI capabilities.


The move by Hugging Face into robotics follows Tesla’s recent reveal of Optimus, a humanoid robot project, and an unrelated partnership between OpenAI and Figure, an AI robotics firm securing significant funding for developing autonomous humanoid robots. As the robotics industry continues to evolve with the integration of advanced AI models and technologies, Hugging Face’s entrance into this sector adds another dimension to the rapidly growing field of robotics.



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