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TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant teams up with Adobe in new integration

TikTok partners with Adobe Express to enhance video creation experience through the integration of its AI-powered Creative Assistant. Adobe Express, a popular tool among TikTok creators, offers templates and media elements for creating polished videos tailored for the social media platform. The new collaboration enables easier optimization of content within Adobe Express, providing users with […]

TikTok is experimenting with a feature that uses AI to create songs based on prompts

TikTok is testing a new “AI Song” feature that uses AI to create songs based on prompts entered by users. The feature is experimental and currently only available to a select number of users. It generates lyrics using a language model and pairs them with music from a pre-saved catalogue within TikTok.   The AI […]

AI can now tell if your Louis Vuitton handbag is fake

Are you skeptical about the authenticity of luxury designer products sold by vintage resellers? Well, AI has arrived to put your mind at ease. Entrupy, a technology service founded in 2012, uses AI to authenticate designer handbags and sneakers in the resale market, providing customers with the assurance that they are purchasing the real deal. […]

Alibaba’s ‘Animate Anyone’ Is Trained on Scraped Videos of Famous TikTokers

Chinese retail giant Alibaba has released a new image-to-video model called ‘Animate Anyone’, which has gained attention for its potential to replace TikTok personalities. The model takes TikTok dance videos as input and creates AI-generated replicas of the dances. While the results are slightly worse than the originals, as with all AI advancements, it is […]



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