Day: February 28, 2024

SambaNova now offers a bundle of generative AI models

SambaNova, a well-funded AI chip startup, has unveiled Samba-1, an AI-powered system targeted at enterprise customers. This system, dubbed a “composition of experts,” comprises 56 generative open-source AI models aimed at tasks like text rewriting, coding, and language translation. Rodrigo Liang, the company’s CEO, touts Samba-1’s modularity, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate new models without […]

Why Meta’s V-JEPA model can be a big deal for real-world AI

Meta’s AI chief, Yann LeCun, is championing the development of machine learning systems that can autonomously explore and comprehend the world with minimal human intervention. Meta’s latest advancement, the V-JEPA model, short for Video Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture, aims to replicate human and animal abilities in predicting and anticipating object interactions by learning from raw […]

Tenstorrent partners with Japan’s LSTC to create 2nm AI accelerator chips

Tenstorrent, an AI chip company led by industry veteran Jim Keller, has entered into a significant partnership with Japan’s Leading-edge Semiconductor Technology Center (LSTC) to develop a cutting-edge two-nanometer AI Accelerator. This collaboration aims to revolutionize AI performance by combining Tenstorrent’s expertise in RISC-V CPU technology and chiplet technology with LSTC’s edge AI accelerator vision. […]

As Nvidia hits $2 trillion, billionaire Marc Rowan’s asset manager Apollo calls AI a ‘bubble’ worse than even the dotcom era

Nvidia, the technology giant, reached a milestone by surpassing a $2 trillion market cap, propelling artificial intelligence (AI) stocks into the spotlight. However, Apollo Global Management, led by Marc Rowan, expressed concern over the current market valuations, highlighting similarities to the tech bubble of the 1990s.   The chief economist at Rowan’s firm warned that […]

Google Blocked Gemini From Generating Images of Humans, But It Still Does Clowns

Google faced a turbulent situation with its AI, now called Gemini, as it drew criticism for generating racially and historically inaccurate images, including depicting Nazis as people of color. In response to the backlash, Google disabled Gemini’s ability to produce images of people. Despite this restriction, the AI is still willing to draw clowns, which […]

Morph Studio lets you make flims using Stability AI–generated clips

Morph Studio, an innovative company known for its text-to-video model, has unveiled a groundbreaking AI filmmaking platform that simplifies the process of creating and editing videos by using text prompts to generate shots and weave them into a cohesive narrative. This platform, shaped as a storyboard, marks the beginning of Morph’s collaboration with Stability AI, […]

Nvidia, Hugging Face and ServiceNow release new StarCoder2 LLMs for code generation

Nvidia, Hugging Face, and ServiceNow have launched StarCoder2, a new series of open-access large language models (LLMs) designed to enhance AI for code generation. These models, available in three sizes, have been trained on over 600 programming languages to assist enterprises in accelerating various code-related tasks in their workflows. Developed as part of the BigCode […]

Adobe reveals a GenAI tool for music

Adobe presented Project Music GenAI Control at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, showcasing its unique ability to generate audio based on text descriptions or a reference melody, allowing users to tailor the results seamlessly within one platform. Users can modify elements like tempo, intensity, patterns, and structure, extending tracks to custom lengths, remixing, or […]

Midjourney rival Ideogram gets $80M in Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and his firm Andreseen Horowitz are increasing their investment by leading the $80 million Series A financing round for Ideogram, a startup specializing in image generation technology. Alongside this investment, Martin Casado from a16z will join Ideogram’s board. Ideogram has introduced its latest image generating model, Ideogram 1.0, boasting advanced text […]

Klarna deepens automation fears with claim AI assistant does work of 700 people

Klarna, the Swedish fintech unicorn, has stirred controversy by claiming that its AI assistant can handle the workload of 700 full-time agents. Despite recent layoffs and hiring freezes due to economic factors, Klarna’s partnership with OpenAI has led to the successful implementation of an AI-driven customer service chatbot. The assistant, powered by ChatGPT technology, has […]

Amazon’s Billion-Dollar Investment Arm Targets Generative AI in Robotics

Amazon is intensifying its focus on robotics with the announcement of its Sequioa system that streamlines warehouse operations with a unified robotic workforce. Now, through a billion-dollar fund led by Franziska Bossart, Amazon plans to invest in startups merging AI and robotics technology, particularly emphasizing the potential of generative AI in advancing automation.   Generative […]

Willy Wonka fiasco highlights risks of AI-made ads

The use of AI in advertising is raising concerns and sparking regulatory discussions across the United States. The issue gained attention after incidents such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis utilizing AI-generated images of former President Donald Trump in a political ad, prompting calls for guidelines on AI usage in advertising. In response, state lawmakers in […]

Media outlets Raw Story, Alternet, and The Intercept have filed lawsuits against OpenAI, alleging copyright infringement in the training of the company’s ChatGPT chatbot. The publications claim that OpenAI used copyrighted content from journalists without proper attribution, seeking damages of at least $2,500 per violation and the removal of all copyrighted articles from training data […]



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