Klarna deepens automation fears with claim AI assistant does work of 700 people

Key Points:

  • Klarna’s AI assistant does the work of 700 full-time agents
  • The assistant has handled two-thirds of customer service chats and reduced repeat inquiries by 25%
  • Klarna expects the AI feature to drive a $40mn investment improvement in 2024


Klarna, the Swedish fintech unicorn, has stirred controversy by claiming that its AI assistant can handle the workload of 700 full-time agents. Despite recent layoffs and hiring freezes due to economic factors, Klarna’s partnership with OpenAI has led to the successful implementation of an AI-driven customer service chatbot. The assistant, powered by ChatGPT technology, has proven its efficiency by managing two-thirds of customer service chats, reducing repeat inquiries by 25%, and resolving issues in under two minutes. Klarna’s CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, lauded the AI breakthrough for enhancing customer experiences, providing employees with new challenges, and yielding better returns for investors. The company expects a $40mn investment improvement in 2024 due to this innovation.


While the financial benefits of AI adoption are evident, concerns about potential job displacement have been raised. Klarna’s announcement has coincided with a notable decline in Teleperformance’s shares, underscoring anxieties over AI’s impact on traditional call center operations. As the debate surrounding AI’s role in the workforce intensifies, Klarna’s move has captured attention and triggered industry-wide discussions. TNW has sought a comment from Klarna for further insights.



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