Adobe reveals a GenAI tool for music

Key Points:

  • Adobe unveils Project Music GenAI Control at Hot Pod Summit
  • Platform allows users to generate audio from text descriptions or reference melodies
  • Project raises ethical and legal concerns surrounding AI-created music


Adobe presented Project Music GenAI Control at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, showcasing its unique ability to generate audio based on text descriptions or a reference melody, allowing users to tailor the results seamlessly within one platform. Users can modify elements like tempo, intensity, patterns, and structure, extending tracks to custom lengths, remixing, or creating endless loops.


In collaboration with researchers from the University of California and Carnegie Mellon, Adobe’s new platform, Project Music GenAI Control, is currently in the research phase with plans for potential public release. Gautham Mysore, Adobe’s head of audio and video AI research, emphasized at Hot Pod that the platform empowers users to direct AI-generated music creatively, providing various controls to experiment with musical ideas even without advanced composing skills.


The rise of GenAI music tools sparks ethical and legal debates as AI-generated music gains popularity. Instances of homemade tracks utilizing GenAI to replicate familiar sounds, lyrics, and vocals raise concerns about copyright infringement, prompting music labels to issue takedowns. The evolving landscape questions the legality of AI-generated music concerning intellectual property rights, particularly when trained on copyrighted content.


While a federal court decision in August ruled that AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted, the exact stance of the U.S. Copyright Office is still evolving, as they seek public opinions on copyright matters related to AI technology. Uncertainty remains around potential copyright violations for users commercializing music created in the style of established artists.


Mysore assured that Adobe meticulously develops GenAI tools using licensed or public domain datasets to navigate intellectual property challenges. Although details around Project Music GenAI Control’s data sourcing are undisclosed, efforts are underway to implement watermarking technology to trace audio produced by the platform, although still a work in progress.


Mysore highlighted Adobe’s commitment to responsibility in developing GenAI tools to coexist with creative musicians, fostering new musical expressions and collaborations. Through platforms like Project Music GenAI Control, a blend of AI innovation and human creativity is anticipated to spark unique artistic endeavors in the music industry.



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