Morph Studio lets you make flims using Stability AI–generated clips

Key Points:

  • Morph Studio introduced an AI filmmaking platform for weaving Stability AI-generated video clips into a movie.
  • Users can create and edit shots through text prompts, developing a cohesive narrative in a storyboard format.
  • Morph’s focus on building a vibrant user community and fine-tuning their models sets them apart in the video production industry.


Morph Studio, an innovative company known for its text-to-video model, has unveiled a groundbreaking AI filmmaking platform that simplifies the process of creating and editing videos by using text prompts to generate shots and weave them into a cohesive narrative. This platform, shaped as a storyboard, marks the beginning of Morph’s collaboration with Stability AI, with plans to offer a range of generative video models in the future.


This new tool, described as a “workflow” by Morph, integrates filming, editing, and post-production into a seamless and continuous process, allowing users to tweak and recreate shots easily on the platform’s canvas. Co-founder Xu Huaizhe, a dropout from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, emphasized how AI has transformed the traditional filmmaking stages and introduced a more fluid workflow in film production.


To differentiate itself in the competitive industry, Morph emphasizes the importance of community building and user engagement as its unique selling point. By fostering a vibrant creator community and tailoring its model to meet creators’ needs, Morph aims to establish a strong foothold in the market. Xu sees the popular app CapCut, powered by AI and owned by ByteDance, as a potential rival and is determined to make Morph indispensable in the industry.


Beyond its filmmaking platform, Morph initially ventured into meme generation, utilizing its AI model to create GIFs from text prompts. Recognizing the power of memes in modern communication and social media, Morph attracted a significant following by offering a platform for AI-generated humorous and relatable content. While the focus has shifted towards enhancing the filmmaking tool, Morph’s early success with memes highlights its ability to engage users through visually appealing and AI-generated content.


With an ambitious team of around 10 members and impressive funding of $2.5 million from Baidu Ventures, Morph Studio is poised for growth and innovation in the AI-driven video creation landscape. By combining technological advancements with a strong emphasis on community building and user experience, Morph strives to redefine video production and storytelling in a dynamic and engaging manner.



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