Day: November 29, 2023

These ex-Apple employees are bringing AI to the desktop

Software Applications Incorporated, a startup founded by three ex-Apple employees, aims to bring generative AI to the desktop and push operating systems forward. The team is prototyping with large language models like OpenAI’s GPT and Meta’s Llama 2. Their goal is to recreate the flexibility and power of early computers from the ’80s and ’90s. […]

Perplexity AI releases PPLX Online LLMs

Perplexity AI has introduced two new online language models, `pplx-7b-online` and `pplx-70b-online`, which are designed to provide helpful, factual, and up-to-date responses. These models leverage knowledge from the internet to ensure the most recent information is incorporated into their answers. They can handle time-sensitive queries that offline models struggle with. Perplexity Labs provides access to […]

Together AI raises $102.5M Series A

Together AI has raised $102.5 million in a Series A financing round led by Kleiner Perkins, with participation from investors including NVIDIA and Emergence Capital. The funding will help the company accelerate the development of its comprehensive cloud platform for open and custom AI models. Since its launch in June 2023, Together AI has seen […]

Amazon joins AI image creation fray with new model

Amazon has introduced Titan Image Generator, an AI model that can create realistic images from text prompts and change out backgrounds. Unlike consumer-oriented image generators, Titan is aimed at an enterprise audience. All images generated by Titan will include invisible watermarks as part of Amazon’s voluntary commitments. These watermarks can be used to identify if […]

Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered “Cocreator” image generator is here

Microsoft has officially launched its Cocreator image-generating AI feature within the Paint app for Windows 11. The feature, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 model, allows users to enter a description and get three generated images to choose from. Previously available only to Windows Insiders, the Cocreator button in Microsoft Paint has now been widely released.

Sam Altman returns as CEO, OpenAI has a new initial board

OpenAI has announced that Sam Altman will return as CEO, with Mira returning as CTO. The initial board will consist of Bret Taylor as Chair, along with Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo. Altman expressed gratitude for everyone’s hard work and believes in the company’s resilience and probability of success. He also thanked Ilya, Adam, Tasha, […]

Tola Capital, investing in AI-enabled enterprise software, closes largest fund at $230M

Tola Capital, an investment firm focusing on AI-enabled enterprise software, has secured $230 million for its third fund, the largest amount raised so far. Despite a challenging fundraising environment, the interest in AI has made it a good time to raise funds. Tola Capital was founded in 2010 by Sheila Gulati, who previously led enterprise […]

Visual Anagrams: Generating Multi-View Optical Illusions with Diffusion Models

Source: University of Michigan We address the problem of synthesizing multi-view optical illusions: images that change appearance upon a transformation, such as a flip or rotation. We propose a simple, zero-shot method for obtaining these illusions from off-the-shelf text-to-image diffusion models. During the reverse diffusion process, we estimate the noise from different views of a […]

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says artificial general intelligence will be achieved in five years

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, a company at the forefront of the AI revolution, has made a bold prediction. He believes that we could witness the advent of artificial general intelligence (AGI) within the next five years. Now, AGI refers to a type of AI that can complete tasks that demonstrate basic intelligence comparable […]

Google DeepMind AI reveals potential for thousands of new materials

Google DeepMind has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the structure of over 2 million new materials, potentially improving real-world technologies such as batteries, solar panels, and computer chips. The AI firm stated that nearly 400,000 of these hypothetical material designs could soon be produced in laboratory conditions. The research, published in the science journal […]

Stability AI in Turmoil, CEO Under Pressure as Possible Sale Looms

UK-based AI image developer Stability AI is reportedly exploring a sale after facing criticism and executive departures over its use of copyrighted content. American technology investment company Coatue Management sent a letter to Stability AI questioning CEO Emad Mostaque’s leadership and requesting details on executive pay. Two potential buyers that have emerged are AI marketing […]



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