Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says artificial general intelligence will be achieved in five years

Key Points:

  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts the emergence of AGI within the next five years.
  • Huang highlights the vital role of AI in the design and development of Nvidia’s chips.
  • While progress is significant, AI has not yet displayed the ability for complex human-like reasoning.


Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, a company at the forefront of the AI revolution, has made a bold prediction. He believes that we could witness the advent of artificial general intelligence (AGI) within the next five years. Now, AGI refers to a type of AI that can complete tasks that demonstrate basic intelligence comparable to that of a regular human being. During the New York Times DealBook Summit, Huang stated that AIs capable of achieving these tests will likely emerge in the next five years. Although he didn’t provide a specific description of what AGI would look like, Huang agreed with the notion that it could entail AI capable of designing the chips Nvidia is currently producing.


Huang emphasized the significance of AI in the development of Nvidia’s chips, stating that none of their chips would be possible without AI. According to him, software cannot be written, and chips cannot be designed without the aid of AI. However, Huang acknowledged that AI has not yet demonstrated the ability to engage in complex human-like reasoning. While significant progress has been made, there are still certain tasks that AI cannot perform.


It’s worth noting that Huang isn’t alone in his optimism about AGI. Other tech leaders, such as John Carmack and Demis Hassabis, have also predicted the arrival of AGI in the near future. However, concerns have been raised by figures like Ilya Sutskever and Ian Hogarth, who worry about the potential consequences of unchecked AI development.


Intriguingly, Nvidia has not yet responded to Business Insider’s request for comment on Huang’s statements. Perhaps they’re too busy working on chips designed by their helpful AI collaborators.



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