Day: January 15, 2024

Despite sanctions, Chinese military, universities, and government bodies procure Nvidia GPUs.

According to the Reuters report, Chinese military institutions, state-run AI research centers, and universities have been acquiring Nvidia’s AI and HPC GPUs, including the A100 and H100, despite U.S. export curbs.   The U.S. imposed bans on the exports of Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips to China and Hong Kong, which led Nvidia to design […]

PwC survey: 77% of CEOs concerned about AI cybersecurity risks

According to a new survey by PwC, global CEOs see great potential in generative AI but also acknowledge significant challenges, particularly regarding cybersecurity risks and building trust in the technology.   Executives expect generative AI to improve product quality, employee productivity, and company efficiency in the short and long term, with a subsequent positive impact […]

Here’s OpenAI’s big plan to combat election misinformation

TikTok might have entertained you with a cheeky deepfake of Timothee Chalamet sitting on Leonardo DiCaprio’s lap, but OpenAI isn’t here for that kind of shenanigans. In light of the looming global elections, OpenAI has decided to crack down on the misuse of its AI tools for campaigning, voter suppression, and misinformation.   The Wall […]

InstantID: Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds

There has been significant progress in personalized image synthesis with methods such as Textual Inversion, DreamBooth, and LoRA. Yet, their real-world applicability is hindered by high storage demands, lengthy fine-tuning processes, and the need for multiple reference images. Conversely, existing ID embedding-based methods, while requiring only a single forward inference, face challenges: they either necessitate […]

New Deloitte gen AI report: Business leaders concerned about societal impact, tech talent

Generative AI is rapidly evolving, prompting consulting leader Deloitte to launch a new quarterly survey to explore its impact on enterprises. The survey revealed that while business leaders are optimistic about the potential of generative AI to transform their organizations in the next few years, they are currently primarily focused on practical benefits. Concerns exist […]

“Your Job May Disappear Altogether, Or…”: IMF Chief On AI Impact

Artificial intelligence presents both challenges and opportunities for global job markets, with the IMF predicting that 60% of jobs in advanced economies and 40% of jobs globally are likely to be impacted. AI’s uneven effects, including potential negative impact on low-income countries, present a need for focused efforts to help them capitalize on AI opportunities. […]

AI Will Make Workers More Effective But Adapting to Its Rapid Spread Is ‘Scary’: Sam Altman

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, believes that rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to positive trade-offs despite concerns about surpassing human intelligence. He emphasizes the need for new regulations to align AI development with societal impacts and labor market changes. Altman acknowledges the potential challenges and ethical considerations of AI, but remains […]

AI-Generated George Carlin Drops Comedy Special That Daughter Speaks Out Against: ‘No Machine Will Ever Replace His Genius’

It’s unfortunate that George Carlin, a legendary stand-up comedian, has been “resurrected” through an artificial intelligence-generated special called “George Carlin: I’m Glad I’m Dead”.   The hour-long special is created by Dudesy, an AI comedy host, who impersonates Carlin’s voice, cadence, and comedic style. It covers modern-day topics such as mass shootings, the American class […]

AMIE: A research AI system for diagnostic medical reasoning and conversations

AMIE is an AI system designed to engage in diagnostic conversations similar to those between clinicians and patients. AMIE is trained using a self-play based simulated learning environment and aims to improve diagnostic accuracy and conversation quality across various medical conditions and patient contexts. The study demonstrates that AMIE achieved diagnostic conversation performance at least […]

Microsoft and SAP unveil new AI solutions for retail ahead of NRF 2024

Legacy tech giants Microsoft and SAP are making moves in the retail industry’s AI adoption, introducing AI-powered capabilities to help retailers adapt to changing consumer behaviors and market volatility.   Ahead of the National Retail Federation’s flagship conference, Microsoft and SAP unveiled new AI-powered capabilities for retailers, including predictive analytics, automated operations, and enhanced customer […]



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