Here’s OpenAI’s big plan to combat election misinformation

Key Points:

  • OpenAI updates policy to restrict the use of its AI tools for election-related misinformation, impersonation, and voter suppression.
  • OpenAI intends to incorporate digital credentials into images generated by its tools, joining forces with other tech giants in combatting misinformation.
  • The effectiveness of these measures in combating misinformation during election seasons remains uncertain, emphasizing the importance of media literacy for the public.


TikTok might have entertained you with a cheeky deepfake of Timothee Chalamet sitting on Leonardo DiCaprio’s lap, but OpenAI isn’t here for that kind of shenanigans. In light of the looming global elections, OpenAI has decided to crack down on the misuse of its AI tools for campaigning, voter suppression, and misinformation.


The Wall Street Journal reported on OpenAI’s policy update, which prohibits the use of its tools to impersonate candidates, local governments, or for campaigns and lobbying. Misrepresenting the voting process or discouraging voting is also strictly off-limits.


Not stopping there, OpenAI plans to integrate digital credentials from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity into images generated by its Dall-E tool. Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Getty are also part of this campaign against misinformation through AI-generated visuals.”



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